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Luciano - Capricciosa EP

I remember very clearly that everything starts because of the swing of life...... On that moment I was in a really special mood of my life, it was the birth of my little girl Lilou Swan who gave me light...... The present was my only certitude. All the purpose of beeing a person who could take care of the most pure little details on the planet was on my hands...... and its a different attitude ..... more compromise, less time and forget yourself for a moment and start to think in somebody else. I started to compose with my mind very clear, my ideas were close to reality and iIcould express myself in
a peacefull way. Absence of information is the most interesting state in the human being ..... just empty ..... opened to any reception of your environment! Imitating the world ...... Babies show us as good and as bad it could be. .... so maybe the only thing that I would love to leave behind me are babies and music.....!!! I don't know where to start and where to stop - so maybe I should stay in simplicity.....
Released 2002-03-01
MP3 Album 3.90 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 Madre Luciano 0:04:14 9.68 MB CBR320 1.20
2 Frankie Luciano 0:06:05 13.91 MB CBR320 1.20
3 When the People will come Luciano 0:05:14 11.98 MB CBR320 1.20
4 Frankie feat. Lea Polhamer Luciano 0:06:39 15.24 MB CBR320 1.20

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