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Doma Tornados - Ritmo Latido

Here we talk about more than three dimensions but four or five.
More than dimensions, let’s go further and let’s talk about energy.
About energy that is all the time within the center of time, a balance with no tension: past is not behind nor future is ahead.
“Ritmo Latido” was already listened and is recognizable in the memory of an echo that bounces tomorrow;it’s music built of equal parts of rhythmic tradition and search and expansion. A night trip at the speed of light through the vast South American rhytmic universe, a trip with the margins as an axis.

.Music written, recorded and produced by Doma Tornados

.Mastered by Shawn Hatfield/Twerk at Audible Oddities, Oakland, USA
.Artwork by G.Piacenza at Blackwhale, Barcelona, Spain

®© Hipi Duki Muzik, 2011
Released 2011-09-21
MP3 Album 8.00 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 Traful y el Condor Doma Tornados 0:04:13 9.91 MB CBR320 1.00
2 Cumbia Arenosa Doma Tornados 0:04:19 10.14 MB CBR320 1.00
3 Humita Punita Doma Tornados 0:04:54 11.48 MB CBR320 1.00
4 Bengala Doma Tornados 0:04:42 11.01 MB CBR320 1.00
5 Usina Universal del Amor Doma Tornados 0:05:19 12.41 MB CBR320 1.00
6 Lullabeat, el Neon de la Selva Doma Tornados 0:04:50 11.32 MB CBR320 1.00
7 Tierra Negra Doma Tornados 0:04:52 11.38 MB CBR320 1.00
8 Carne Caliente Doma Tornados 0:05:16 12.29 MB CBR320 1.00
9 Ritmo Latido Doma Tornados 0:04:43 11.05 MB CBR320 1.00

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