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Akasha Project - H2 - The Quantum Music Of Hydrogen | Der Klang der Wasserstoffatome

Klangwirkstoff Records | Catalog#: KW005
Special High End Mastering for mp3 from 24bit version(you can't found this in other shops).
Format: CD / Digital
Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Artist: Akasha Project
Titel: H2 - The Quantum music of hydrogen / Der Klang der Wasserstoffatome
total playtime:77,14 min
Releasedate: 01.02.2010
LC: 16011
EAN: 4 036067 305327
Artwork by Ilona Kowalschek
Vertrieb: silenzio
Bandwebsite: akashaproject.de / www.myspace.com/akashaproject
Booking: booking@klangwirkstoff.de
Mastered by Bert Olke: mastering@gl-audio.de

Special High End Mastering for mp3 from 24bit version incl. cover art (you can't found this in other shops)

Akasha Project - H2 - The Quantum Music of Hydrogen
Der Klang der Wasserstoffatome 77:14 min

The Magic of Quantum Music

The Berlin label Klangwirkstoff Records releases electronic ambient music based on the philosophy of the cosmic octave. Klangwirkstoff is a catalyst in music theory and it deals with the influences of deduced rhythms, resonances and frequencies in nature.

With their fifth cd-release, Klangwirkstoff presents a decade of scientifical
harmonic music research from Akasha Project on the topic of the cosmic octave and molecular soundtracks.

Acoustic description of the electron jumps of hydrogen

based on the frequencies calculated by Hans Cousto in 1999 „H2 -- Der
Klang der Wasserstoffmolekuele“ (H2-The Sound of Hydrogen) the composer and sound artist Barnim A. Schultze aka Akasha Project developed a special
composition method for the octave analog transposition of measurements of the spectral data (resonance maxima) of hydrogen atoms.

This work and the production of a preferably pure description of the harmonic
conditions on the microcosmic quantum level was created over a period of ten years.

The result is a harmonic sound sculpture, created on the base of a
„self-composing“ musical process, which can give an impression about what holds the world together in its core.

Quantum music is hearing the world (Akroasis).
Released 2010-02-01
ISRC DEHE10700049
Labelcode 16011
MP3 Album 7.99 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 Balmer Akasha Project 0:07:50 17.97 MB CBR320 1.19
2 Quantility Part 01 Akasha Project 0:35:50 82.20 MB CBR320 2.49
3 Crystalisation Akasha Project 0:04:55 11.27 MB CBR320 1.19
4 Quantility Part 02 Akasha Project 0:13:30 30.96 MB CBR320 1.19
5 Infinite Border Akasha Project 0:05:53 13.48 MB CBR320 1.19
6 Spin-Prepared Piano Akasha Project 0:11:20 25.98 MB CBR320 1.19

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