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Devas - A Vision Of Hydrogenium

Klangwirkstoff Records | Catalog#: KW006
Special High End Mastering for mp3 from 24bit version (you can't found this in other shops).
Format: CD / Digital
Artist: Devas
Titel: A Vision Of Hydrogenium
Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
total playtime:50:17 min
Releasedate: 15.11.2010
LC: 16011
EAN: 4 036067 308564
Artwork by Marc Olke
distribution: silenzio
website: www.myspace.com/devaskiel
Mastered by Bert Olke: mastering@gl-audio.de

On their debut album A Vision Of Hydrogenium Devas presents a molecule scoring based to the series of the hydrogen atom, calculated by Johann Jakob Balmer. At this the spectral data was calculated and transposed into the human hearing range by Hans Cousto.

The duo of Jewel (voices and electronics) and Sigyn M (bass and electronics), hailing from the northern part of Germany, were inspired by these calculations and tuned their instruments to them to compose this fantastic piece of work, characterised by warm electronic landscapes and melodies.

The magical appearance of these sound fields, arisen from the depths of molecular reality, are tastefully amalgamated with Jewel's enchanting voice and will abduct you to distant worlds. Stylistically, Jewel is combining liturgic elements of classical and overtone music with jazz and avant-garde pop elements thus creating a hypnotic, captivating effect.

The Balmer series describes the spectral series of the hydrogen atom within the range of the visible spectrum of light. Devas utilised the 5 basic frequencies and the threshold of the Balmer series as a point of origin for each individual track on this album.

Released 2010-11-15
MP3 Album 7.99 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 Great Coloured Universe Devas 0:11:23 26.27 MB CBR320 1.99
2 The Human And The Being Devas 0:08:34 19.81 MB CBR320 1.29
3 Like Fishes In Deep Water Devas 0:05:31 12.84 MB CBR320 1.29
4 Little Floating Lights Devas 0:09:30 21.94 MB CBR320 1.29
5 Inbetween Worlds Devas 0:09:28 21.88 MB CBR320 1.29
6 Black Nothing Devas 0:05:49 13.51 MB CBR320 1.29

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