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B. Ashra - Psychonautic DJ Mix - Giger Museum 08

Klangwirkstoff Records | Catalog#: KWDIGI002
Special High End Mastering for mp3 from 24bit version (you can't found this in other shops).
Artist: B Ashra
Titel: Psychonautic DJ Mix Giger Museum 08

Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Format: Digital Release
Titel: Psychonautic DJ Mix Giger Museum 08
Release date: Jan 5, 2012
ISRC: DE-HE1-07-00111
available exclusiv at Klangwirkstoff Records MP3 Shop
Total Playtime: 31 min.

This especially psychonautic DJ Set was live created for an exhibition and event in honorary to Dr. Albert Hofmann at the Giger Museum Switzerland - 19.10.2008. Contributor: Stanislav Grof, Nana Nauwald, Hans Ruedi Giger, Trigger.ch und B. Ashra.


01. Morphon - Venus 08
02. Brain Entertainment Laboratory - Solardrifting
03. Brain Entertainment Laboratory -LSD
04. Morphon - Trip
05. B. Ashra - Om Meditation

Caution! This music contains hemisphere synchronisations (hemi sync), these can activate epileptic seizure if you're an epileptic.
Released 2012-01-05
ISRC DEHE10700111
Labelcode 16011
MP3 Album 4.99 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 Psychonautic DJ Mix DJ B. Ashra 0:31:00 70.98 MB CBR320 4.99

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