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Antonelli Electr. - Cancel

“Cancel” is Duesseldorf based producer Antonelli Electr. 3’rd EP for Level Records. While most
producers arrange their tracks on Laptops, using the latest software synthesizers and sequencers,
Antonelli choose to ban computers from his studio in order to concentrate on a production method
which hasn’t change much since the early days of House music.
All tree tracks are arranged and recorded live without any edits resulting in very pure record which a
magical flow.
The first track is the very dense and euphoric House hymn “Hush”. “Deal” and “Cosy” are both quite
stripped down House tracks which where created only on one Drum sequencer. Both tracks sport a
subtle developing percussive but still harmonic monotone approach and represent Antonelli Electr.
new way of producing perfectly functional House cuts.
Lowtec the man behind the label Workshop finishes the EP with his delightful rework of “Cosy”.
Released 2010-01-18
MP3 Album 3.99 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 Hush Antonelli Electr. 0:06:54 15.81 MB CBR320 1.15
2 Deal Antonelli Electr. 0:05:15 12.02 MB CBR320 1.15
3 Cosy Antonelli Electr. 0:05:58 13.64 MB CBR320 1.15
4 Cosy (Lowtec Remix) Antonelli Electr. 0:06:47 15.54 MB CBR320 1.15

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