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Tremsch & Metzler - 20 Toes

Well, there is a long story to Tremsch & Metzler although they have not released a vinyl so far on MBF.
They have been super successful releasing remixes on MBF and Trapez ltd on the digital format for quite a
Their Butch remix for instance was a big hit in Frankfurts Club U60311 and we are proud that after 2 years
and multiple changes from names such as: Doppelschicht to Cleo Tremsch, now they are working together
again as: Tremsch & Metzler.
Tremsch & Metlzer aka Martin Maier & Daniel Fuchs have created their own style of music which is based
on new school techno house.
It is hard to find out which kind of music exactly has influenced these artists but similar to Piemont they are
merely occupied by their own world of music in their heads.
We are sure they have never heard of such WARP legends as “Sweet Exorcist” still their 3 tracks carry that
northern industrial flavour and combine it with funk.
”20 Toes” as well as “Head Games” perfectly transport this spirit, whereas “Development” feels housier with
samples of child vocals and cut up reverse sounds that create an semi-acoustic feeling.
Support comes through a remix by MBF core member Piemont who have remixed “Head Games” and have
created through that a fabulous rough and crazy Chicago track, that holds all the experience Piemont have
gained through playing live.
The Salz dub remix of “20 Toes” is all at ease, really keeps on playing the same mediative beat pattern all
throughout the track, just being interrupted by short breaks and stimulated by chords flying in and out,
forming a flower-bed of sounds and effects .

Released 2010-01-31
MP3 Album 6.00 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 20 Toes Tremsch & Metzler 0:06:49 15.60 MB CBR320 1.25
2 Head Games Tremsch & Metzler 0:06:25 14.67 MB CBR320 1.25
3 Developement Tremsch & Metzler 0:06:09 14.08 MB CBR320 1.25
4 Head Games (Piemont Remix) Tremsch & Metzler 0:06:45 15.46 MB CBR320 1.25
5 20 Toes (Salz Dubbing in the north see mix) Tremsch & Metzler 0:07:48 17.85 MB CBR320 1.25

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