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Riley Reinhold - Hawk

The new release of Riley Reinhold incorporates three new tracks including one remix of “Klaus” by Patrice Bäumel.
Riley Reinhold can refer to one of the largest collection of techno music drawing his inspiration from 20 years of techno and his big love for experimental European and American cinema.

The title track “Hawk” swirls through the air searches for a true spot full of harmony which can obviously not be found. The track gets its tension from the way it tries to approach that.
Two sequences digging deep but fail to succeed creating a dubby melancholic atmosphere.

“Klaus” was originally released with MBF LTD on the Lull EP in 2007, and comes here in a Patrice Bäumel remix, hypnotic and with a fantastic break.

”Lights go Out” refers to Riley Reinhold track “Lights in my Eyes” (MBF LTD 12013) working with similar parameters, dubby bassline and strings... trying to achieve with little changes different emotional states.

„Hawk“ shows Riley Reinhold's love for deep music as shown in his DJ sets on Trapez and for Proton.
Released 2009-11-30
MP3 Album 3.60 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 Hawk Riley Reinhold 0:06:55 15.82 MB CBR320 1.25
2 Klaus (Patrice Bäumel remix) Riley Reinhold 0:08:24 19.21 MB CBR320 1.25
3 Lights Go Out Riley Reinhold 0:07:25 16.99 MB CBR320 1.25

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