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Riley Reinhold - More Distortions

The new release of Riley Reinhold shows two sides of the coin.
“This Side Of Paradise” is a moody piece of music, like sugar in a hurricane.
Different levels of energy are exchanged... with Riley's vocals being added.
It connects nicely to his track “I Remember” which he released on MBF LTD 12020 in March.
“Asphalt Heroes” is bit of a “live-played” track.
It works a bit like a step sequenced beat track, kind of raw and bold.
Raw is the keyword. Riley wanted to throw everything over board and keep only the raw side of
things. Acoustic bass, real drumming, using old synth sounds as Metro Area was highlighting with
their early releases which Riley has always been a big fan of.
Compare this track to his early stuff under the name of “Torro” and you can see a similar feeling
going through the track!
Riley has assembled his friends to remix his track.
First comes the Salz duo with their dub interpretation. A very cool stream of effects keep flowing.
Listen to their other remixes on Trapez and Traum and you will discover their genius.
Pal from Essen, Alex Reuter has put his unique feeling for beats into his rework. Alex has played in
different bands and uses his skills to add more funk.
Last but not least new MBF LTD artist Jules de Perl goes deep.

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Jules De perls - Café la Perla

This is something of a departure for our label, and one we’re very proud of.
We are happy to say Jules made these 4 outstanding tracks with a lot of soul and passion. A lot of influences have lead to the making of these tracks. His uncle has a recording studio near Frankfurt where Jules spend endless hours, before he started to play in a soul band at the age of 13! His career as a drummer lead to a final show in Berlin in the “Tempodrome club” and there would be more to add, but let the music speak for itself...

Jules debut record is a steady rocking deep soulful piece of music. No stunts involved here but cool rhythmic patterns shape his a-side track. “Under a Spell“ takes up the feeling similar to that of Chicago legend Chez Damier. No stunts or cheap thrills are involved here but pure love for music.

Sure his attendance as a clubber of Frankfurt's club Robert Johnson has been a heavy influence on Jules and you can witness this in another way with the flipside track: “Café la Perla “ that he loves people such as Ricardo Villalobos. This track is a joyous celebration of a moody cool house track with lots of voices in the background shaping an atmosphere of euphoria, yet still exercised with a lot of understatement. When finally in the small break the voices rise to the surface to show their real nature, you know the track has that collective spirit a track needs to be played in clubs.

The digital add on track: “La Mistra” takes the idea of clubbing even more serious, putting a beat into action that has a hell of a drive... plunging into a break that lightens up the track with a wonderful warm string that carries a bit of Kraftwerks ”Trans Europa Express” feeling.

The 4th track “Jackson” is a pure DJ tool, which reveals itself when listened to loud in the club, a cool beat track.

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Riley Reinhold - Get A Splash

Two new tracks by Riley Reinhold which are centred around cinematic footage of the American independent cinema of the late 60 and early 80ies ies. More than that they are a plea for individualism using sampled sounds and the voice of Riley Reinhold. We are talking here about "Get A Splash" a bit of a weirdo track which has the elegance of London's early pop art days teaming up with with a techno house drive and experimentation in acoustics.

"Asphalt Heroes" is truly old school. A bit art funk and a rough cut... beat-funk tracks as ESG stood for in the 80ies. This has always been an influence to Riley's music believe it or not.
A played acoustic drum loop meets disco synth sounds... showing Riley's love for this kind of live jam attitude.
This track comes close to his early recording under the name of Toro which he did together with Jorge Gebauhr.

A splendid remix comes from Alex Reuter who has already remixed „I Remember“ from Riley Reinhold. Art Student and by nature a groove machine of excellence, Alex turns "Get A Splash" again into a hypnotic driving affair.

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Riley Reinhold - Hollow Hills

There is a bit of a story to this track by Riley Reinhold.
Being a lover of cinema and film since he can think, “Hollow Hills” was inspired by the “Night of the following Day” with Marlon Brando.
The movie is a nice mixture of nouvelle vague and art movie and it was tickling Riley Reinhold to write a track that plays mainly in the dark, surrounded by the bunkers of the Atlantic wall and the dunes. The track tries to captures the darkness and the long narrow hallways under the earth, the spirits, the laughter of small children running around in this so surreal environment during their summer holidays.
“Hollow Hills” keeps the psychedelic side of Riley Reinhold's music up, which he has released since his first release on Disko B in 1995 (Red Flare EP).
Jittering voices, sounds that ricochet and basslines that come like little earthquakes.
The 11 minute epic “Hollow Hills” works similar to the waves at the beach, constantly featuring irregular shapes and never repeating itself.

The track has been remixed by French artist Gohan, who lives in Paris and who has electrified the track with his vision of modern daring electronica, bordering on music the glorious Wishmountain did in the past.

Finally domestic musical impact comes from the Cologne musician Oeler who has made a tougher and more elaborate percussive beat, the core element of his interpretation of “Hollow Hills”.

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Riley Reinhold feat Cosmic Sandwich - Black Timbre

A long time has passed by since Riley Reinhold aka Triple R and Steve Barnes aka Cosmic Sandwich have recorded together.
The new EP features a brand new track by both of them, called “Black Timbre” as well as two new tracks by Riley Reinhold.

“Black Timbre” is a track that works with the ingredients of all Cosmic Sandwich tracks. It is cool, handcrafted and made with hardware instruments. The track conveys a slack feeling and is very undogmatic but cool.
Riley doing the overdubs and effects on this track, going through his 20 000 vinyl records stripping bits off here and there and putting them all together emerging in “Black Timbre”.
The track is a nice blend of disco and Detroit techno house with build ups that create a bit of tension and releasing it as soon as it reaches its peak.

The flipside features “I Remember”. After Riley Reinhold's success of “Lights Go Out” recently released on MBF LTD 12019, this track is another atmospheric and emotional track.
“I Remember” signalises loneliness in a strong way, also emptiness... nevertheless it is also a sweet track. A track with history in a way.
A track that throws in slashes of guitar sounds and the repetitive vocal “I Remember”, sparse and dry to the bone.
Riley Reinhold has always written tracks in this style starting with “Another Day” and “Someday” on MBF LTD years ago. So it is no surprise that this genre is one he identifies with more than with modern minimal. Desolate and haunting... this track has a bit of goose skin to it.

“Banco” is the third track of this EP a elegant track, a soundtrack for a tour to the main bank in town. Marbel, gold and properly dressed people.. shiny new people.
Building on a Tangerine Dream kind of softness, classic strings and a never ending beat, this track is certainly a pure atmospheric track for a candle light dinner.

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Riley Reinhold - Hawk

The new release of Riley Reinhold incorporates three new tracks including one remix of “Klaus” by Patrice Bäumel.
Riley Reinhold can refer to one of the largest collection of techno music drawing his inspiration from 20 years of techno and his big love for experimental European and American cinema.

The title track “Hawk” swirls through the air searches for a true spot full of harmony which can obviously not be found. The track gets its tension from the way it tries to approach that.
Two sequences digging deep but fail to succeed creating a dubby melancholic atmosphere.

“Klaus” was originally released with MBF LTD on the Lull EP in 2007, and comes here in a Patrice Bäumel remix, hypnotic and with a fantastic break.

”Lights go Out” refers to Riley Reinhold track “Lights in my Eyes” (MBF LTD 12013) working with similar parameters, dubby bassline and strings... trying to achieve with little changes different emotional states.

„Hawk“ shows Riley Reinhold's love for deep music as shown in his DJ sets on Trapez and for Proton.

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Riley Reinhold - Balsamic Times

Die vierte Solo Platte auf MBF ltd. Cinamastisch, verschwörerisch und non-konformistisch.

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Riley Reinhold - Sunset Sound

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Riley Reinhold - Lull

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Riley Reinhold - Lights In My Eyes Remix

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Riley Reinhold - Lights In My Eyes

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