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Szymon Hollner - Last Night In Barcelona EP

Szymon Hollner is a talented young producer from Poland. In 2010 he released two EPs on Relax 2000, a sublabel of the highly reputated Snork Enterprises. Szymon has a really unique style and refuses to take part of the ruling fashions. A lot of guys pretend doing it, he DOES! This is no mainstream, no consensus, this is FUNKY underground shit.

Besides this fabulous debut we have another new name on WARE in this team: DEEPCHILD delivers a driving kind of breakbeat mix which also gives a shit about borders and genres.

And last but not least labelboss Mathias Schaffhäuser cuts the titletrack into pieces and puzzels a driving club edit for the minimal prime time.
MP3 Album 5.00 €
released by: ware incl. 19% VAT.

Ziggy Kinder - Meteoroid EP

What sounds like a “déjà vu” – Ziggy Kinder out on WARE including a remix by Mathias Schaffhäuser – is actually a first: the label boss has never produced a remix for one of Mr. Kinder’s tracks.
“Meteoroid” is an upbeat, spacey track perpetuating Ziggy’s latest tendency towards deepness, while giving a taste of his second album to be released in early 2012.
Schaffhäuser‘s remix tracks the meteor trail to the orient with an oriental sounding drum groove (which is not from a sample kit but was all drummed – no, sorry – programmed himself) combined with a fat and funky bass and an elegiac eternal breakdown.

MP3 Album 2.00 €
released by: ware incl. 19% VAT.

Cosmic Octave Orchestra - Gaiatron

Klangwirkstoff Records | Catalog#: KW007
Special High End Mastering for mp3 from 24bit version (you can't found this in other shops).
Format: CD / Digital
Titel: Gaiatron live at Ricochet Gathering
Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
LC: 16011
Gesamtspielzeit: 68.00 min
Releasedate: 17.10.2011
EAN: 4 036067 311717

Special High End Mastering for mp3 from 24bit version incl. cover art (you can't found this in other shops)

Berlin Ambient Label Klangwirkstoff Records present their 7th CD release:

Cosmic Octave Orchestra - Gaiatron


01. Gaiatron [Tropical Year/Om] 29:58 min
02. Cassinidrive [Saturn] 37:58 min

total: 68:00 min.

The album Gaiatron - a rare gem of cosmically tuned electronic music - contains the complete concert recordings of Cosmic Octave Orchestra, as performed as part of the Ricochet Gathering - Electronic Music Festival at Berlin Schöneberg Townhall on October 10th, 2010.

The Cosmic Octave Orchestra consists of:
Steve Schroyder (Ex Tangerine Dream, Anne Clark Band, SSO)
Akasha Project and
B. Ashra (Robert Templa, B.E.L., Morphon)

Three knowledgeable adepts and practitioners of cosmically tuned electronic music who have joined for this unique show at Ricochet Gathering 2010.

Like the live performance the CD Gaiatron contains two epic electronic soundscapes in the spirit of the Berlin School of electronic music.

Both, Gaiatron, the title track and the second piece Cassinidrive are tuned to the mathematical principles of the Cosmic Octave according to musicologist Hans Cousto.

Gaiatron utilises the octave-analogue frequencies and tempi of the Earth's planetary year, its orbit around the sun.
The COO was supported by the overtone canto of The AlienVoices, Kolja Simon and Felix Mönnich.

Cassinidrive is tuned to the octave-analogue tone of the planet Saturn's solar orbit. Two deep, precise sound journeys of truly cosmic music.

This Klangwirkstoff Records release is now offering the concert's special listening experience to a larger audience.

More information about the CD, the subject of functional music and the cosmic octave can be found at:
MP3 Album 8.99 €
released by: Klangwirkstoff Records incl. 19% VAT.

Peter Paulsen - Inner Space

All sounds, exept drums, are created with a bassguitar and common guitar-/ bass-effects.

Recorded in August/ September 2011.
MP3 Album 4.95 €
released by: jidammusic incl. 19% VAT.

Static - Freedom Of Noise

Static is Berlin based musician and producer Hanno Leichtman. Besides his work as a member of the trio Groupshow along with Jan Jelinek and Andrew Pekler, and Denseland with David Moss and Hannes Strobl, Static is his main solo project. Following the release of the last album re:talking about memories on City Centre Offices in 2006 Leichtmann wanted the follow-up Static album to be something entirely different. The question was how to go about this?

While searching for an answer Leichtmann kept busy with his many other projects. He released an ambient album, Nuit Du Plomb, also on Karaoke Kalk, another album under the Forest Jackson moniker on the Austrian label Mosz Records and toured the world with Groupshow and as part of the Pole live band, all the time working on new Static material but never quite satisfied. Then, during a festival for improvised music in Berlin, he struck upon the idea of working with free improvising musicians, but to deploy them in a pop context. Leichtmann was already well acquainted with many of the musicians he wanted to record with from his days in the scene so it was easy to get the ball rolling.
The main collaborators for the production of Freedom of Noise were harpist Clare Cooper, the trumpet player Axel Dörner and the saxophonist Tobias Delius. In this way Leichtmann was able to perfectly combine Static's loop based methodology with the additional expressive possibilities of having all those great musicians involved. So Static was able to move freely between arrangements and improvised passages.
In addition to the three principle collaborators named above Leichtmann also brought the following players on board to enrich the compositions: Nicholas Bussmann on cello, Zoe Irvine on electronics, Magda Mayas on organ, David Moss on voice, Andrea Neumann on inside piano, Gert-Jan Prins on analogue devices, Maura Rougieux on background vocals, Clayton Thomas on double bass, Kassian Troyer on table guitar and Sabine Vogel on flutes. All these musicians help to bring the vibrancy of a full live band to the album to make for a richly detailed tapestry of sound. On top of all these talented instrumentalists Leichtmann invited the vocalists Falko Teichmann from Berlin and Yanira Castro from Madrid to sing on a number of tunes, adding to the pop element of the album.

The result of Static recruiting such a diverse host of other musicians is striking. And true to the album title the recordings exude a great sense of freedom, as if the tracks were by no means forced, sounding instead as though they have have been allowed to fall into place entirely naturally and to develop into the most comfortable structure quite organically. Musically the record is extremely multifaceted ranging from moments of eclectic pop, to experimental periods of neo-folk ambient and cut-up electronica. No doubt Leichtmann has succeeded in his goal of creating a new direction for Static. Freedom of Noise is a refreshing and adventurous musical journey.
MP3 Album 8.99 €
released by: Karaoke Kalk incl. 19% VAT.

Doma Tornados - Ritmo Latido

Here we talk about more than three dimensions but four or five.
More than dimensions, let’s go further and let’s talk about energy.
About energy that is all the time within the center of time, a balance with no tension: past is not behind nor future is ahead.
“Ritmo Latido” was already listened and is recognizable in the memory of an echo that bounces tomorrow;it’s music built of equal parts of rhythmic tradition and search and expansion. A night trip at the speed of light through the vast South American rhytmic universe, a trip with the margins as an axis.

.Music written, recorded and produced by Doma Tornados

.Mastered by Shawn Hatfield/Twerk at Audible Oddities, Oakland, USA
.Artwork by G.Piacenza at Blackwhale, Barcelona, Spain

®© Hipi Duki Muzik, 2011
MP3 Album 8.00 €
released by: Hipi Duki Muzik Store incl. 19% VAT.

Various - Techno pirates sail hard

MP3 Album 3.80 €
released by: audiopirats incl. 19% VAT.

Ole with Naveen remix - Fallout EP

Fokushima imprinted.......
MP3 Album 1.50 €
released by: audiopirats incl. 19% VAT.

various - Acaron & Pitsch

MP3 Album 1.50 €
released by: audiopirats incl. 19% VAT.

Amir - Vernissage Four

With this new release from Amir on Trapez ltd, it is clear that Amir has turned towards house music even
more than with his last releases.
He has set the focus here on a stronger mix down with less small snippets but rather bold and fat jacking
“Imperial Monuments” the a-side of the 12” keeps itself low-key, but works with a texture that is build on
skilfully looped themes that have more impact on the floor than some multi-layered house tracks right
“Soft Watch” is a deeper and “softer” almost US styled house tune with wild pitch strings and animal
sounds like sequences, shifting gear elegantly minute by minute by adding beats, evolving in a euphoric
“grand piano theme” and short vocal snippets. This track is full of joy and really a track for people who
are in love with good music.
“Extase L188“ is a classic Amir track as we know them from the release on Trapez ltd, cool, with very
many small funky details working you over in a pleasant way with cool beat programming and vocals.
The remixes come by Remerc and Crowdkillers.
Remerc producer from Cologne gives his debut here with a remix of “Extase L 188” giving it a stronger
percussive frame, with lots of drive and a more bizarre and freaky touch.
US producer team Crowkillers have given “Soft Watch” a treatment towards big time house music,
working with traditional elements skilfully, they create a sensual house pearl.
MP3 Album 6.00 €
released by: Trapez LTD incl. 19% VAT.

Mihalis Safras VS Pascal Mollin - Jaws EP

Mihalis Safras is back with another big time release on Trapez ltd produced together with German artist
Pascal Mollin.
They have announced to go stronger on to the techno side with this release, but we certainly see the roots
in post Detroit and Chicago house.

“Jaws” starts classically with a fat sounding Safras beat but introduces after 2 minutes a crass electronic
sounding noise, which for sure will pull clubbers out of their “bubble” and throw them on to the dance
Track two “Move” was produced by Pascal Mollin alone and starts out with a static noise but soon reveals
itself as a heavy hypnotic clubber that works skilful with repetition as Robert Hood and folks are making it
a topic in their tracks. At the peak of the track they start dropping strings with tons of delay on them as
well as the magic vocal “move”. This is a dead cool track you can hardly resist! Ok this is enough... you
will have to decide for yourself.
The last track “System” knocks brutally in with the force of a “black jack”, head on percussive thumbs,
relentless as a mule.
Bonus Track "Intron" was written by Pascal Mollin, making a reference to vintage hypnotic Chicago house
with choir like sequences climbing up and down... adding impact provided through his techno
A. Jaws B1. Move B2. System
Digital 1. Intron
MP3 Album 5.00 €
released by: Trapez LTD incl. 19% VAT.

BNZO - Agbadza

BNZO aka Ben Engelbert is an artist based in San Diego, California who is new to the scene... but who
has already got great skills and a feeling for how to create great emotions... we see here a big talent
Ben offers a high performance with his opening track “Agbadza”! There is no doubt heard once you will
not forget this track.
A light at heart track with a huge dance floor peak time attitude that pulls all strings and tricks to turn the
dance floor upside down!
It is also one of these tracks that puts a smile on your face. So what can we say... it is a “DJ heaven”

Jay Lumen remixes “Agbadza” in a similar fashion but adds all his DJ experience. Jay has it going with DJ
gigs at Fabric/ London and takes no prisoners with his remix, aiming straight at the DJ he knows with
what pace he can keep control of the main elements of the track.

“Sex, Drug, Dance” by BNZO is a real crowd pleaser that has a real catchy and tender side to it... it aims
at the clubber, but still has these edgy experimental sounds coming in which makes it a perfect Trapez ltd
track. Giving this track to the right DJ... this can be big.

“Makru” is a bit MBF style we must admit, but much more relaxed and friendly with the clubb really playing
it cool even when it gets going and explodes on the dance floor.

West coast DJ and producer Meerkat who has supported James Holden with gigs there takes on the
challenge to induce a bit of Traum feeling in his remix of “Agbadza”.
Meerkat has that certain band inspired vibe going which takes the track in a total different direction... one
might look at it as a totally different track!
We have a cool and steady remix by Ndkj of Agbadza that rocks the ship home. Nice.

Last but not least Trapez ltd artist Blind Minded has remixed “Sex, Drug, Dance” juggling his cool old
school theme in a nice way... making simple things big.
MP3 Album 8.40 €
released by: Trapez LTD incl. 19% VAT.

Tube & Berger vs. Frank Sonic - The Swarm

From the far away sound to the one that explodes in your face, from Chicago to Berlin, from delay
to mute, Tube & Berger vs. Fank Sonic create here a timeless dance tune!
We are speaking about “The Swarm”. Put Steve Bug in a room with DJ Pierre and this is what you
might get. This track speaks the language of an incarnation of dance culture.
There is nothing fancied about “The Swarm”, there is no silliness and no stunt performed... and you
know it can be good the other way around... but this is better!
The Minicoolboyz have remixed “The Swarm” which could be a very cool remix for after hours...
relying on a steady sound of a mosquito swarm... this sound might drive you crazy... the short
vocals reminds us of such a funky classic as “Doing The Do”.
“Autan” on the flipside is not exactly the antithesis of “The Swarm”, more than that it connects to
“The Swarm” in style and warmth and keeps the beat sexy and attractive till the very end.
This could be the track you start to play when you have played the other tracks often and realise...
this one might be even better. Small stunts... reductive rhythm... controlled cool drive... a winner.
MP3 Album 3.75 €
released by: MBF incl. 19% VAT.

Bukaddor und Fishbeck - Camino

After taking a break for more than 6 months Bukaddor & Fishbeack return with 2 quality tracks.
"Camino" unites tight and loose aspects in an exciting modern way of club music. The track works on more
than one level and incorporates silly little ghosts of sounds and massive basslines and last but not least: a lot
of profound sound shaping.
"Physx“ on the b-side is much more warped, moves in way of a snake, does is surreal dreamlike and still
makes these brave cuts that throw you back into life. At times this track seems to be quite dadaistic and
maybe this accounts for the most experimentell track they have ever released... but it would not Bukaddor &
Fishbeack if this track did not have a atchy clubby side to it.
The remix comes from new Cologne producer Sebastian Porter, spotted by A&R Riley Reinhold.
Sebastion Porter takes up the original of "Camino" but interpretates it in a much more streamlike but
hypnotic fashion, using rising stringed sounds and adding a lot of small details which make the remix so
passionate and lively.
MP3 Album 5.00 €
released by: MBF incl. 19% VAT.

Kaiserdisco - City Of Kings

After their huge success in 2009 and 2010 one can truly say Kaiserdisco are now one of the
contemporary stars in the techno universe.
Rather than trying to match expectations the duo from Hamburg followed their instincts and have
again chucked out music that will place them in top positions.
They dedicated this record to the people in Lima, Peru.
Their new tune “Lurin” is a bomb of a groove track with a stunning diversity of different samples
and sounds including hip ethno samples and all it takes to make it a hi-tech Kaiserdisco product
come alive.
This track is a true party track and will work on different floors, small and big and it will definitely
bring a smile to peoples faces because it is done with love for electronic dance music.
Not genre specific but rather genre bending “Lurin” manages to connect different people.
For all of you who want a stronger specific underground spirit ruling their world, check out the bside
“Callao”, a true Kaiserdisco up-tempo rocker, a stripped down DJ weapon that can be played
with all minimal and techno, whatever you like. Talking about tense breakdowns, analogue hooks,
a skilful shifting of the dynamic from one gear to the next... amazing sound design, name it you get
it... Kaiserdisco do not make prisoners with this track.
The remix, this time comes to some surprise from Max Cooper who has never remixed an MBF artist
before. He remixed “Holding Up My Life” found on the Kaiserdisco´s album on MBF.
We thought this unequal match up could provide some unexpected result. Yes and we can say Max
has transferred a bit of a Kaiser drive into his world of melodic techno.
This remix works exceptional good through the friction it generates. Somewhere between a kind of
felt “slow motion modulation” and high speed beats... the world of Max Cooper unfolds into a
ghost like kindred spirit.
A. Lurin B. Callao
Digital 1. Holding Up My Life (Max Cooper Remix)
MP3 Album 3.75 €
released by: MBF incl. 19% VAT.

Orange - Ta Tha Ta

Tribal | World | Persussion | Voice Box

With the recording of the live album Ta Tha Ta, the six-piece percussion 'n trance band Orange managed to capture a mental state of suchness. Ancient shamanistic wisdoms dance around with the latest discoveries from the Quantum world.


Orange - Ta Tha Ta |

Catalog#: SBKW002 |
LC: 24806 |
Format: CD Digi Pak |
Label: Separated Beats |
total playtime: 51:46 min |
Releasedate: 05.07.2011 |
Vertrieb: Silenzio (D/CH/Aus) |
Bandwebsite: orangevibes |
Mastered by Bert Olke + Niko Lai |
@ GL-Audio Berlin |
Label Site: |
email: ...................................................................

Titel: ..........................................................

1.Die Einweihung 01:31
2.Hu Maan 06:20
3.Panko Babaunka 08:00
4.Bakalin 07:14
5.Weil Der Puls 09:36
6.Ta Tha Ta 10:26
7.Chuwenga 08:30 ............................................

total: 51:46
MP3 Album 8.90 €
released by: Separated Beats incl. 19% VAT.

Children of François Marie - Paradigma

Don't! (Rainald Goetz)
MP3 Album 3.00 €
released by: chroma-park incl. 19% VAT.

Vilas Pomp feat. LRAO - Kingston Smile

no compromising but only straightness in dub and beat
MP3 Album 1.19 €
released by: chroma-park incl. 19% VAT.

Broombeck - WTFAI

A big blast coming here from multi talent Broombeck.
Broombeck is known for some fine releases in the past on Opossum Rec. and Terminal M, creating a
big stir with his track “The Clapper” in 2009.
His track “WTFAI“ is a mega rocker coming with a monstrous vocal and a seductive speedy drum
programming getting it to the die hard fans in a big way.
Broombeck's trademark is dance floor energy exercised in perfection, this is a frenetic club smasher
from the future with a big nod to the past. Bassdriven techno on the highest level and frankly if you
don't move your
feet to this tune, you better retreat back home.
The fist remix was done by who teamed up with the Frankfurt artists Jonas fort his. The remix
works great with a long intro and adding percussion step by step creating a rush in the second half
that makes it a worthy companion.
The Wehbba remix is a monumentally strong track that works through a grand recording quality,
super production, seductive groove and an over all perfect arrangement.
It is a true DJ weapon!
And last but not least digitally there is a non-vocal mix added by Broombeck.
MP3 Album 5.00 €
released by: MBF incl. 19% VAT.
no illustration

Intu:itiv - Tequila Suicide EP

Emerging from Cologne, we are proud to release the second piece of music by the talented Intui:tiv aka
Karsten Lutz and Kai Santanius.
After the their well received debut “All I See” (MBF 12069) with good reviews as in De:Bug magazine and
full support by DJs such as: 2000 And One, Sian and DJ Hell the duo has since then been busy in the studio,
writing new tracks and from what they say... things are progressing at enormous speed.
As a result they have created their own label “Inkpot” which will have its first release 19th of January 11
and we will for sure support them. For us the duo has come up with 3 floor thrilling musketeers!
Intui:tiv are big time fun and they are going for the dance floor making no prisoners with these tracks.
Starting with the title track: “Tequila Suicide”, this track is a “tour de force”!
Working with a devilishly hooky bassline, a sequencer melody that turns things upside down this track is
pure madness. And... ”ooops” before you realise you are shoving your feet like mad.
This might as well be one of the strongest track the duo has written so far and the production is awesome!
“Zero Hour” opens with monumental pounding “naked” beats and progresses with giant strides into the
peak time monster! Introducing tricky small samples digits alongside big synths and vocal stabs, broken horn
sounds etc... the feel how intense Karsten Lutz and Kai Santanius have been working in the studio.
“Full Metal Package”, as the title suggests, is nothing for the week.
Starting with spine tingling “kaput-sounds” almost at a Dadaistic rate.... the Intui:tiv powerhouse does not
wait for long to jump into gear. Coming up with ethno sounds and hi frequency drumming this track has the
feel for relentless “acceleration”! This track is 100%” adrenaline rush.
On top we have three deeper remixes. One coming by UK artist Gow who has released on Trapez before,
one by Arjuna Schicks from the Netherlands who has recently remixed Applescal´s “In The Mirror“and the
other by the US artists Crowdkillers.
Gow created a slacker of a remix out of the original samples from “Zero Hour”. His speciality is as always:
his cool walking basslines and his coolness with which he put things in motions.
Arjuna Schicks has also chosen to remix “Zero Hour” but keeps it in a moody and relaxed do!
MP3 Album 7.00 €
released by: MBF incl. 19% VAT.

Paul Frick - I Got Through EP

Paul Frick is back with another massive EP on Kalk Pets. I Got Through is his third release for the Berlin producer on the vinyl sublabel of Karaoke Kalk and with it Frick has delivered another quality record.

The 3 track EP kicks off with title tune "I Got Through" which is a prime slice of jazzy house. Divine house beats and jazzy synth licks are interspersed with a spoken word monologue by Crawford, which succeeds in giving it that personal touch. The pace picks up on B-side opener "Shoot & Roll", a funky tune with disco leanings. And this fine EP winds to a close with "Into The Void", which is appropriately more down tempo and so provides the perfect closing number for the 12-inch.

The I Got Through EP has something for every moment: chilled house to warm up, prime time disco grooves and even a down tempo track to close with. Recently hyperactive with Brandt Brauer Frick, Paul Frick proves his versatility with a freshly inspired and directly bumping record. It is another proud addition to the Kalk Pets catalogue.

MP3 Album 3.25 €
released by: Kalk Pets incl. 19% VAT.

B. Ashra & Ricky Deadking - Alchemical Congress

Ambient | ELectronic Music | Guitar

B. Ashra & Ricky Deadking live @ Alchemical Congress

Remastered 2010 @ GL Audio Berlin:,

Original Titel: Live für den Alchemistischen Kongress `98 in Berlin CDR released 2001
MP3 Album 7.90 €
released by: Separated Beats incl. 19% VAT.

Curious Egg - Curious Eggs

Electronic Music | Experimental
Catalog#: SBKWDIGI002
Label Code: 24806
Format: Digital
Label: Separated Beats
Released: 2011
Playtime: 55.14 min
Bandwebsite: Curious Egg
Genre: Ambient | Jazz | Experimental | Electronic


All compositions by Curious Egg:
Kristoff Becker - Electric Cello & Effects
Ingold - Percussion, Winds, Toys and Vocals
Michael Neil - Keys, Synths, and Samples
Wolfram Spyra - Steel Cello*, Synths and Samples

Special Guests:
Roksana Vikaluk - Vocals on Furry Elise
David Perlzweig - Live Electro Beats on Furry Elise, Drugmazokaaniwah
*Designed & Built by Bob Rutman
MP3 Album 8.90 €
released by: Separated Beats incl. 19% VAT.

Orange - Hu

Tribal | World | Persussion | Voice Box

Orange - Hu

CD Digipak
LC: 16011
Label: Separated Beats
Catalogue No.: SBKW001
Playtime: 52:59 min
Release Date: 01.05.2009
EAN: 4 036067 303 187
Distribution: silenzio
mastered by: Bert Olke
MP3 Album 8.90 €
released by: Separated Beats incl. 19% VAT.

Ryan Davis - Light & Shadow

Following Ryan Davis Debut „Routes Of Life“ on Traum in January 2011, his high acclaimed follow up shows Ryan is a
real tastemaker but also a real club rocking musician.
Few artists in the electronic modern dance scene of today make music that seems serious and intense... and still
accomplishes to have club people go wild on it. It is a bit of a lost treasure of the golden techno days, Ryan always
reflects in his music when he creates moments of beauty with an collective fee to them.
Ryan Davis in one of them and his new EP shows that side even more than his debut.
A-side track “Supernova“ brings images together of psychedelic west coast soundtracks of the 70ies, pop art, shoe
gazers and maybe Salvatore Dali's surrealism. “Supernova” is a masterpiece of an musical journey with truly epic
proportions, which wrestles with the idea of time and it’s illusions.
Still there is always that certain joy de vivre oozing through the grooves that created happiness. It seems more than one
can ask for!
“Eclipse” starts pounding and we all expect Mr Davis to make it a straight rocker, when step by step he pulls us into a
vortex of obscurities or rather in a shadow world that you realise is his very own world. Stirring through a world
colourfully painted doors and views of landscapes he always manages to zoom in on object and circle them as flies do.
It could have been easy to make it straight rocker but Ryan chooses the fantasy instead and we are happy he has done
Showing the more dance floor oriented side with the previous trax, ”Fading Star” pays tribute to the fact, that a true
Traum recording always has to carry an ambient track.
“Fading Star” is a romantic piece of music slightly dreamlike with pale colours and golden embroideries that sits in a
place high up in the sky.
Microtrauma have added a rising and swelling quality to the original track of ”Supernova“ with interludes of
compositional brilliance, whereas newcomer Max Rieger offers a much more strict and simplistic approach, which is
very nice indeed.
Last but not least Groj has remixed ”Eclipse“ very artistically switching back and forth between rectangle saw tooth
sequences and twisted melodic parts.
A. Supernova B1. Eclipse B2. Fading Star
Digital: 1. Supernova (Microtrauma Remix) 2. Supernova (Max Rieger Remix)
3. Eclipse (Groj Remix)
MP3 Album 7.00 €
released by: Traum incl. 19% VAT.

Dominik Eulberg - Diorama

After a full year of dedicated work we are happy to announce that Dominik Eulberg´s fourth album
"Diorma" will be released in May 2011 on TRAUM.
After the "Heimische Gefilde" album on TRAUM, which won the German critic award, as the first techno
album ever where comments by the artist himself appeared in spoken word, Eulberg has this time aimed at
an album which embodies various facet's of electronic music.
"Diorama" therefore resembles something totally new and original and can be referred to as an affiliation
towards the real "authentic" Eulberg sound cosmos.
He has accomplished this with the highest possible standard and contemporary sound aesthetic.
Eulberg has set the bar at an extreme height for himself and the result will pile-drive even the die hard fans
into solid rocky soil.
Eulberg has unbuttoned his "techno coat" and has come up with timeless electronica, no one would have
expected of him.
It is his first album where he has rather played music instead of manipulating it and holds up that skill from
the very beginning to the very end, non stop.
For "Diorama" Dominik Eulberg has selected in cooperation with Germanys nature magazine NABU the
eleven greatest wonders of domestic nature.
Because it is not only in exotic parts of the world that one can find incredible innovations of nature, they can
also be found at your front door.
Their existence is concealed for many of us and only by means of closer examination and an raised
awareness for their secrets can we discover this world full of miracles.
For this world of hidden wonders a graphic diorama was specially designed. Depicting a well known world
full of unknown phenomena.
For each wonder Dominik Eulberg has composed a piece of music, which reflects with sound and dynamic
the accounted wonder.
In addition he describes the eleven phenomena in a traditional way on the inside of the CD cover.
The opener of the album depicts an enigmatic musical anecdote.
Time seems to stand still here. Slowly but with continuity the melodies descend, evolving in an never ending
"Echomaus" reminds us of the greatest ambient moments by Aphex Twin. The track works through elegant
creeping sounds, creating a fine balance and includes echo sounds and electronic sounding basslines that
make the connection to the wonder as well as creating a epic track of great radiance.
The abrupt transition of the "Neunauge" (engl. lamprey) from a wormlike larva to a fish, is reflected here
musically in a strong dynamic change, turning things upside down... making it two tracks in one.
One could call it a musical version of the wonder itself. A risky and adventurous track that creates new space
and clears the mind for the next track.
"Teddy Tausendtop"
The wonder of "Teddy Tausendtop", the clumsy water bear, is an tempting blueprint for Eulberg to pull all his
tricks. He here composes brilliant beats and uses synths that create a timeless atmosphere as well as using
others that make huge dynamic shifts evolving in a magic piece of music which is a wonder in itself. Without
words a masterpiece!
"Islandmuschel 400"
Maybe the most intense track of the album, going deep under ones skin. A track that has the aura of an
approaching gigantic iceberg from the perspective of a child. This track could be a massive tune on big
festivals, a big time instrumental pop song. It is very personal and fuelled with fate.
"3 Millionen Musketiere"
This track is for all of us who experienced the genuine collective feeling at one of the raves in the early 90ies
or at small parties in industrial sites when the first sunbeams made their way through the stained glass
industry windows.
This track is euphoric up to the limit: A break beat that incorporates the best moments of UK techno with
bands such as: Enjoy or Bizarre Inc, but transfers it into the year 2011. This is a track that creates
What would the world be without water? Every life starts with water and so Eulberg has written a track here
that features the complexity as well as the beauty of this element. Eulberg has composed such an intricate
track here... it goes beyond recognition. This track has a central position in his album.
"Der Tanz Der Glühwürmchen"
After "3 Millionen Musketiere" and "H2o" this track seems to have a recreational quality in the beginning
but in the course of the track turns out to be really emotional. Picking up a feeling that New Wave or Indie
Rock tunes hold, this track reveals the quality of the album altogether, the timeless quality of some of the trax.
Starting deranged and giving no clue in which direction it might proceed, step by step he introduces lush
melodies detached from all earthbound actions.
All of this would not work if Eulberg had not programmed one of his best beats ever... a complex abstract
beat that massages the synapses.
"Wenn Es Perlen Regnet"
"Wenn Es Perlen Regnet" is plea for the beauty of nature and the world of melodies, that few artist can
translate into music. This track blends romance with techno reality.
"Metamorphose" signifies what Eulberg has actually intended with his album and what has been responsible
for the outcome of this album. A tongue in cheek title and music that shows great French movie soundtrack
quality connected to Eulberg beats. The end of the CD but a track of timeless beauty.
7. H2O
C2. H2O
MP3 Album 12.00 €
released by: Traum incl. 19% VAT.

Chris Llopis - High noon EP AP007

High noon is a very pumping and strong disco EP that will make your ass shake automaticly!!
Special agent edition AP007 :-)
MP3 Album 2.20 €
released by: audiopirats incl. 19% VAT.

Dakota Suite - The Hearts Of Empty

When I was making the record that became 'the end of trying' I had originally intended for it to be a double CD, the reason was that whilst I was recording the music, the mournful hymnal like austerity of the piano and cello, I also heard a more stripped back jazz based piano record and a series of more driven pulses and arrangements. I asked David if he would write me songs to compliment what I was doing which were more loose and free-form, essentially to make a modern jazz record as envisaged through Dakota Suite glasses (can you imagine such a thing??!?). So David took some of David Darling's pizzicato strings from the original recording sessions and wrote these sparse late night hymns of his own.

What you hear is David (Buxton) making music for me, playing the piano beautifully, recorded over two late nights and given to me. David is a genius, he knows "how my heart sings" (played by Bill Evans, obviously) and responded with these fourteen gifts. I knew immediately on hearing them that they needed to be heard on their own and without any distractions. "Thanks Buko".

Chris Hooson, January 2011

Following the release of The End of Trying on Karaoke Kalk in 2008 and 2009's The Night Just Keeps Coming In, Dakota Suite are back with a new album of equally mesmerizing beauty. The band are led by Chris Hooson and completed by David Buxton and previously also Richard Formby. They released their first album in 1998 and The Hearts of Empty marks the significant milestone of being the bands 10th full length studio album.

All the compositions on The Hearts of Empty are performed by David Buxton with a perfectly sparse instrumentation. This sublimely minimal combination of piano, double-bass and percussive brushes make for a truly captivating sound. David really exhibits a mastery both in the concise nature of the arrangements as well as in their precise delivery. Every note sounds as if it is played with directed emotion, carefully placed and skillfully executed. This tremendous simplicity is reflected in the reductionism of Dakota Suite's album covers where they stick to the basic yet effective format of an evocative back and white photograph.
Of course it's a cliché from the Jazz scene, “its the notes you don't play...” but the grain of truth within this generalization certainly goes for Dakota Suite. Their music is at times sombre, meditative and withdrawn, but never is it forced or over-cluttered. Every melodic and rhythmic change seems to flow entirely naturally with the result that the music creates a wonderfully relaxed listening environment.
Indeed jazz has a strong musical influence on the style of the songs; most noticeable in the lilting piano refrain of Eskimo Nebula and the impeccable rim-shot and brushes drum work on Vermont Canyon Road for instance. And while this rich organic acoustic timbre pervades the entire album, there are a few exceptions such as the scientifically titled interlude M-Theory and the entrancing ambient tune The Ladder which see a brief excursion into the more digital world of experimental electronics through the use of synths and looping. Always the energy of the recordings conveys a well defined mood, such as on title track The Hearts of Empty which is reserved and yet uplifting at the same time.

Although Dakota Suite may be inspired by jazz music and draw on the influence of this colossal art form, they have taken it in an entirely different direction altogether with The Hearts of Empty. As far as Dakota Suite have a really original take on jazz it's fair to say they exceeded the goal described in Chris' statement of making modern jazz record as envisaged through Dakota Suite glasses This is exactly what they have achieved. The Hearts of Empty goes way beyond the traditional concept of a jazz trio foraying into fields such as new music, experimental and neo-classical and well as into completely uncharted territory altogether.
Although these compositions were conceived as an accompanying double CD to go along with the recordings with Grammy award winning cellist David Darling that appeared as The End of Trying, they work so well as an album in their own right. Every one of the pieces on The Hearts of Empty is of the utmost highest order.
MP3 Album 12.99 €
released by: Karaoke Kalk incl. 19% VAT.

Matador - Handbagass

Irish artists Matador aka Gavin Lynch has released a dozen records already and is a well respected producer.
His remix of Perc’s "Work Softer" put him on the list for DJs with taste and since then he has been supported
by the scene.
Trapez is proud to have a release by another talented Irish producer after Donnacha Costello who recorded
on Trapez under the name of "Pleite" successfully.
Gavin has a new and fresh perception of techno his music relies on it’s strength not to be too elaborate but
rather focussing on the essentials and executing these in sheer perfection. The mystic formula can be found in
these tiny differences we all love.
"Sisi" maybe be the strongest and most direct of all 4 tracks. Melodic and still with a great attitude for
understatement this track is catchy enough to make the hairs stand up... followed by an emotional shudder.
"Handbagass" is much more playful but at the same time has that certain kind of "static" feeling to it which is
responsible for so many records so special and artistic on Trapez.
"Jeno" is a spooky track with a haunting quality which gets under your skin. It will appeal to all the Sähkö
fans. This track has that kind of "engine drive" which makes it so distinctive.
"Mood To Swing" works with wailing sounds that could come from a cat or a human.
Remixes come from Trapez artist Dopamine, who has done an incredible remix of" Handbagass", working
with a super nice static feeling himself... sounding as if Kraftwerk fell in to a deep and steep hole of dark
Von Bonn, who has just released his first record on Telrae delivers a classy bassy dub techno remix that will
knock you out of your sandals.
David Meyer remixed Matador’s "Handbagass" into as shape shifting techno house groover that has an
atmospheric as well and a intricate rhythmic side to it, whereas Joey Bush’s remix of “Handbagass” skips the
kick drum in favour and has a cool bassline and catchy percussion.
1. Sisi 2. Handbagass 3. Jeno 4. Moodswing 5. Handbagass (Dopamin Remix)
6. Handbagass (Van Bonn Remix) 7. Handbagass (David Mayer Remix)
8. Handbagass (Joey Bush Remix)
MP3 Album 9.00 €
released by: Trapez incl. 19% VAT.

Channel In Channel Out - The Author And The Narrator

Channel in Channel out is the musical project of Marcus Cotten and The Author and The Narrator marks his debut release on Karaoke Kalk. True to his name, Cotten is like an interface picking up as much inspiration as possible from his environment and sending the energy back out into the world in an entirely new form. ChInChOut fuses so many styles in his songs that it really is hard to know just what is going on between the input and the output that is his creative process. His art is like some alchemical spell, fusing genres as diverse as good old fashioned singer-songwriting with moments of experimental electronica.

The man from Americas west-coast bastion of all things indie Portland, Oregon sheds some light on the voyeuristic nature of his observations with song titles like Calculate The Surveillance. At times Channel In Channel Out's music verges on the psychedelic, but not matter how far-out the compositions become, they remain songs at heart. The song-writing has something of the throw-away sketch like approach of Guided By Voices. But there is clearly a profound message concealed within each of these songs, and although one might have to delve deep through many layers of figurative disguise to work it out, this is part of the enjoyment: much more than mere songs the tracks are like a kind of emotional riddle. While the tunes generally defy comparison, Cotten's voice has a somewhat familiar quality to it. With slightly nasal overtones Cotten's vocal style is at times reminiscent of Ade Blackburn from Clinic, for instance on the lamenting song A Modulating Perception.
Then out of nowhere, there are moments of loopy ambient bliss on The Author and The Narrator such as the instrumental Affirmation Confirmation. Cotten obviously knows that sometimes its good to let the music do the talking; actions speak louder than words. This ambient interlude quickly gives way to the almost bluesy acoustic guitar riff of the penultimate tune Drop by drop ill measure it myself. Almost bluesy because the piece begins and ends in the an analogue bubble-bath that could easily have been recorded by Delia Derbyshire.

Although there really is no direct genre for the music collectively gathered in this project there is an emphasis on forward thinking, creating with no boundaries, and hosting different sound and visual experiments throughout the journey of this project. Channel in Channel out's music definitely has a vibe to it that is driven by the atmospheres of scenery and nature as well being driven by the wonders and puzzles of every day life.

The overall goal of the project channel in channel out is to bring the music to life through Film, Art and Photography more of which can be viewed on the ChInChOut homepage. The spirit of the musical compositions are elaborated on more through these other mediums. In this way Marcus Cotten gives you the full scope of what the music is trying to convey. Channel in Channel Out was started in 2006. The delightful thing about Channel in Channel out is his seeming willingness to accept contradictions rather than stand in opposition to them. The Author and The Narrator is constantly full of surprises. One really never quite knows what to expect, other that a thoroughly delightful album and enjoyable listening experience that is. Lets hope Marcus Cotten's in and out channels continue to stay open for a long time to come.

MP3 Album 8.99 €
released by: Karaoke Kalk incl. 19% VAT.

Joseph Disco - Best of

MP3 Album 2.20 €
released by: audiopirats incl. 19% VAT.

Joseph Disco - Jazper - Electric Om - Turbine AP008

The new Audiopirats EP here as as prerellease sales offer 2 weeks before start is coming out with awesome tunes from Jazper, Joseph Disco, O.G.M. and more. Including tracks from Switzerland, Holland, France and Germany. Fabulous music pulsing and rocking all over.
MP3 Album 2.00 €
released by: audiopirats incl. 19% VAT.

Various artists - Trapez 100

We're happy that we have been part of a very lively and international techno scene with Trapez for almost a decade.
So now with the vinyl 100 out we celebrate this accomplishment with exclusive, unreleased material and lots of curiosities on Trapez and Trapez ltd. Out on CD with 11 tracks as well as on two separate 12“ with a selection of 3 tracks each.
The fist record „Trapez 100 pt1“ features tracks by Gabriel Ananda, Roland M. Dill and a Five Green Circle remix by Salz.

We somehow always cross paths with Gabriel Ananda. He has been with Trapez from the start with his „Schaukeldrehen“ (Trapez 017) release and has been a great artist to work with since. Gabriel is a unique character, anachronistic to the bone, uncompromising when it comes to modern sound design which he gives a shit about. Still living in Cologne, he can rock a bird out of the birds nest with his dirty basslines. His Trapez 100 track „Afu 3“ has dynamic changes young producers would die for.

The duo Salz also from Cologne consist out of Emanuel Geller and Axel Erbstosser. Two of our closest friends since the early days of techno. They have been busy producing dub music for 7 years now and Donal Tierney's "Verse 2the Chorus" was one of their greatest favourites on Trapez ltd. So here you get finest dub house with producers tricks that will put a smile on your face.

Our hottest newcomer Roland M. Dill get's more funky from day to day after his "die hard" "Turboencabulator" which made everyone on the dance floor go wild. Whit his
MP3 Album 12.90 €
released by: Trapez incl. 19% VAT.

Deepchild - Stadtkind

After good feedback from people such as Kiko, Orde Meikle (SLAM), Renato Cohen and Patrick Pulsinger
for Deepchild´s stunning production, Deepchild moved from Australia to Berlin and recorded his first tracks
there for Trapez. Influenced by his performance at Trapez label night at Berghain and coming to terms with
all the new influences he now has 3 new tracks for Trapez.
“Stadtkind” is a soulful vocal track in a stop and go manner, it sees Deepchild aka Rick Bull singing adding
elctronic sounding sequences that provide the track with the edgy character that makes Trapez tracks
“This Is A True Story” is a Detroit flavoured techno track, much more on the techno trip than recent tracks of
his. We are not saying it is techno for the sake of it, but we would say it has the pumping character the
track needs to put across the theme which unfolds in this special track.
This track has instant recognition going for it twists and turns the vocals over and over again and makes
them the theme of the track.
Sometimes when they are down pitched they sound like the vocals of Jimi Hendrix sometimes more like the
voice of an alien.
Deepchild definitely has this track going in the footsteps of cool mind-bending music and we assume the
Berlin dance floors will thank him for that as we think it is touching base which what is crazy and warped
out there.
The third track on the EP is the deep and grinding track called “Daddy”. We hope that this track does not
relate to the relationship to his Dad, because the psychedelic funk note it carries is more intergalactic than
earthly bound. This is a hell of a funky track full of soul... sounds as if Rick is playing all of them live... it
has such a amazing flow and it is so natural, it could be done on the breakfast table between frying some
scrambled eggs, boiling hot coffee and french toast. This is hot shit!
The first bonus remix comes by Autodeep. They have already remixed Deepchild before for Trapez once
and again they did a great job. Autodeep´s remix of Stadtkind is a cool Chicago mover with naive
acoustic percussion details, going really strong through it's hypnotic beat programming.
And Australian top DJ and producer Dopamine has remixed "Stadtkind" into a fierce big time piece of
driving techno, avoiding the vocals the remix stays very cool and functional!
MP3 Album 6.00 €
released by: Trapez incl. 19% VAT.

Xircus - Reality Bites EP

“Reality Bites” is the second release of Xircus on Trapez, following their track „Simplicit“ on the Trapez 100 release. The duo is consists out of Traum artist Max Cooper and UK producer Satyajit Das and their project has by far a stronger focus on the dancier side of Max Cooper but still works with concepts.

Starting with “Rolf Harris”, we see this track creating a weird interaction between the stream like “tracky” beat and the manipulated sounds.
A bit of a concept here that works well and is not supposed to be as “traditionally funky” as Akufen´s “Psychometry Series” on Trapez.

“Hyperventilation” says it all... the concept here is a panic stricken inward breathing that rhythmically intervenes with the beat in a magic way.

“Dehydration“ uses samples of water in a rhythmically way to install the Xircus funk here.

Remixes come from the UK artist duo Deepgroove and Argentinean producer Ronan Portela.
Deepgroove have shifted the original much more in a direction of funky minimal tech house tune, injecting a lot of weirdness by manipulation of sound, keeping a high degree of chubbiness going that will appeal also to a larger audience.

We are happy to be able to include Ronan Portela as a remixer.
Portela lives in Buenos Aires and as you realise right from the beginning of his remix, he writes killer grooves. The beat could just as well go on for the whole of the night.
His recent tech-house sound fits perfectly to modern times and in the last respect matches Max Cooper's approach to use modern technology to manipulate sounds and place them in a clubby environment.
MP3 Album 6.00 €
released by: Trapez incl. 19% VAT.

Deepchild - Talk to me

What happened to Deepchild? Deepchild is hammering out another 5 cool tracks as if he had become a machine himself.
Fascinated by analogue drum machines, the wonders of unrulable analogue mightiness, Deepchild assumes here the role of an explorer, looses himself in the wonderful world of spiritual sequences and sounds.
“Talk To Me” is such an transcendental trip, we could compare to Jungle Fever's “Malaria“ powered images. Deepchild at his best... full of sound and yet with so little ego, it is just like the old days when music making was never thought of being linked to money mad people.

“Live At Dimitris 1993” is a daring but cool combination of a walking bass we know from Mister Fingers fused with Daft Punk vocals which have been fried down to a piece of phozy fibre, and fragment splinters of electronic sparkling matter. This is sci-fi tech house... hypnotic and super funky. Welcome to the deep world of the deepest child in techno bizz.

“Innocence Is Gone” is a surreal trip into a world where even words are morphed into sound. This track frees itself from anything which could mean dead freight.
This is a a track that is so much in love and in harmony with itself, you can only go along with it and find your peace... otherwise you'd better shut off the tune. For the people who love music we say.
“TC Dub” picks up the feeling and natural progression on the rhythmic side “Innocence Is Gone” has established, if you like the feeling of that track it's perfect for you.
“The Sword” works a bit with a shuffle programming so it is something new. For all of you who like Sade this track has that kind of mildness to it... venture to taste it!

We wanted some remixes of these tracks so the first two Grünbox and Denite have remixes “Talk To Me”... these remixes are quite different but we love them. So please give them a listen.
MP3 Album 8.00 €
released by: Trapez incl. 19% VAT.

Roland M. Dill - Broadband

“Broadband” is a good name to describe the quality of this techno monster by Roland M. Dill.
The track is as close-packed as silicone and stays mum till the bitter end. It has a bassdrum with steam hammer quality and sounds that give away their life. No track for the weak... the track when played at the right moment can do damage in a big way... we suggest... play this track with great awareness.
“Shadow & Winston“ is the funky brother of “Broadband”. This track is a great beat track with cool Dadaistic tones injected... it could go on forever... similar to a great Radio Slave track from the past!
“Phantom Ship Island” is another cool mover. It moves with funkiness of a chain armour and has ghosts bricked in. This is a cool track for people who want the heavy distortion amount to a thick layered sound.
Don't forget the Detroit jazzy Sun Ra sounds that join in towards the end... Also good with headphones... Enjoy.

Harvey McKay has remixed “Broadband” in two mixes. His fist remix includes dubby delay sounds on top of a pounding rhythm and a rattling percussion-noise that will send you directly on to the dance floor. Great simplicity and techno feel.
Remix 2 is lighter, makes use of chords and a lot of percussive sounds. It is maybe a bit closer to the original, but very different to his other remix. Get a bit of post-Detroit-feel with this one.

Hailing from Italy's techno capital Napoli, Sasha Carassi gained major recognition in 2010 for his outstanding releases on not only his own imprints Globox and Phobiq but also on other prominent labels such as Harthouse, Driving Forces, Sleaze, Respekt Recordings, 8 Sided Dice and Drumcode. With numerous remixes and collaborations with artists such as Joseph Capriati, Adam Jay, Brian Sanhaji, Spektre and Virgil Enzinger, he has also enjoyed major support from the likes of Adam Beyer, Slam, Fergie, Alex Bau,The Advent, and Alan Fitzpatrick.
We welcome Sasha on Trapez who will strengthen the heavier side of Techno on Trapez with this hypnotic rocking remix of "Broadband".
MP3 Album 7.00 €
released by: Trapez incl. 19% VAT.

es_cape - Escapades / DAS BRETT EP doubl. feat.

Here comes our second release for this year. This one is going pretty straight forward
and might be in parts a bit confusing. But that´s the way we like it - we call this TECHNO.
Be careful when you listening to DAS BRETT - you should be ready to leave the house and
hopefully there is a club somewhere nearby to find cure for your current constitution.

Have fun and enjoy!
MP3 Album 4.00 €
released by: es_cape incl. 19% VAT.

Max Cooper - Metaphysical EP

We are sure Max Cooper does not refer here to one of Traum boss Triple R's favourite writer Thomas
Pynchon but rather connects here to the technical terminus of the parabolic trajectory often mentioned as
Nevertheless we wish to express that the transgressive quality of Max music, does it question or break down
the boundaries and categories of Western culture and reason, is a challenge we have at Traum always
aimed at, with tracks that were very far away from the norm in the same way as Max's tracks are.
The track “Gravity's Rainbow” highlights the more stripped and pop nurtured side of Max Cooper.
Although light as “first sight” this track is as complex as all of his work... using antagonistic elements such as
the golden coloured spine tingling sounds that linger in this track... and a grand bassline melody that could
be described as an award winning hymn. Despite all of this “Gravity's Rainbow” is a catchy tune made to fill
the dance floor with a kind of happiness that is kind of rare for Max.
“Heresy” shouts out a triumph at times quite at others it marches along... full of joy into a world which has
not been defined yet, maybe will never be. It changes dynamic through hard breaks... plunges from
dreamlike stages into dynamic ones going towards a wall of sound (a typical Max Cooper trademark) over
kills are appreciated and captivate all of us when dancing along.
When we think all has been said... beautiful sub-melodies that could stem from indie rock bands make their
way into the track... so this is a world full of phantasy.
For all of you who want it more techno and less melodic, the Dosem remix of “Heresy” works with a fantastic
groove that one will enjoy after a night of full complex arrangement structures.
Multifaceted French artist Matthys contributes here with his remix of "Heresy" a piece of soulful electronica
with a strong reflective side. His remix is strong on the musical side working nicely with dynamic shifts and
Maybe the most sophisticated track on the release is the unearthly “Solace”. Clad in wet towels beat wise,
the melodies and manipulations of sequences are the motor oft his track. ”Solace” without beat would be a
perfect soundtrack for a fantastic French movie. Fairy like with enough airy ups and downs to whiten all
colours of the world... the track finally assembles and mutates towards some kind of matter which we are not
sure what to call.
MP3 Album 7.00 €
released by: Traum incl. 19% VAT.

Microtrauma - Colorblind EP

We welcome Microtrauma with their debut on Traum. Microtrauma is a new cosmic force on the Traum planet. Microtrauma have been making music since 1995 but it was not until 2007 that they had their break through and real success with their EPs. Their biggest hit so far was “Aktin” which was played by people like John Digweed, DJ Sasha, James Zabiela and eventually ended up in a BBC Essential mix by James Zabiela.
Microtrauma have played live together with Bodzin and Huntemann in their hometown and had great feedbacks coming from them and other associated classy DJs. They have released a remix on Traum for Max Cooper's “Stochastisch Serie” which marks their good relationship with Max.
For their „Colourblind EP“ on Traum they have attempted an even more sophisticated sound construction succeeding in three brand new tracks. The a-side “Saturation” makes a spiritual link to electronic avant-garde of the 70ies, connecting to the greater and dynamic moments of musicians like Klaus Schulze, still feeding the techno corpus with enough heavy bassline and kick to tweak dance floors.
“Saturation” has sonic parts that give way to gooseflesh and a sun soaked intensity that makes it a “daylight” track.
“Diffusion” is soulful as well, maybe more linear and even more ghostly and haunting, spiced up with electronic sounding basslines, filtered voices from the distance, heavy delays and a pounding techno beat.
“Contrast” as the title itself suggests, is very different to the other two tracks. The beat relies on a “break beat” and the musical theme may as well be the most adventurous of all tracks. Steering towards different levels, all parts are connected to each other in a magic way... the spirit is kind of gloomy and bright with nice feedbacks and a seductive mildness and musicality that makes it so unique and cool.
The extra mixes come by Max Cooper, Ryan Davis and Richie G. Max Cooper has twisted “Contrast” towards an 4 to the floor beat but has enhanced it with a lightness and soothing quality that provides “Contrast” with an ethereal and airy quality not to be matched by anything in the files of melodic techno we know of.
Ryan Davis has chosen to remix “Saturation” making it an epic track with stronger changes into clubiness... we can feel a bit of Paul Kalkbrenner substance here.
The third bonus track comes from 17 year Canadian producer Richie G who has already released music for John Digweed's label Bedrock. Richie has stripped the original of "Saturation" to the bare essentials making it even more accessible for DJs.

MP3 Album 7.00 €
released by: Traum incl. 19% VAT.

Thomas Bjerring - Himmelmekanik

We welcome back Thomas Bjerring with his second release on Traum.
On his stunning vocal track „Ice“ he features David Skog.
The magic of his debut track “2:45” on Traum is in a way showing up here but connected to a much stronger 80ies feel. Again the voice of David Skog is striking. Partly hi-energy, partly a progressive pop song... this hybrid of a song is a “skin diver”. (If you like have a look at the song text below).
The track has allready been licenced to Sony in Denmark for their: „Sound Of Copenhagen Vol. 6“ compilation later this year and is being played out by nation radio stations there.

Let us introduce Microtrauma here with their fantastic remix of Thomas Bjerring´s track "Ice". Microtrauma have released a remix for Max Cooper on Traum quite some time ago so we are happy to have them on board again and what a remix they deliver here! Their interpreataion works in the way of a stream of conshiosness. Sounds are switched on and off, turn more and more blurred in the course of the track and lead to a seemingly dreamlike state. Traum at is best... a pure avantgardistic masterpiece.

UK artist Morris Cowan gave his debut on the Ryan Davis release on Traum in January 2011 with his remix of “Sideways” and delivers here another stunning remix of „Ice“.
Morris Cowans is occupied with shaping electronic landscapes and the manipulation of sound. His artistic approach is remote from clubbyness, his sound architecture is breathtaking and modern. He will release a full length album on Traum´s new sublabel Zaubernuss in March 2011.

“Perpetuum” is a fusion of techno, progressive and ambient elements all locked together.
They create a bit of a techno opera, or rather a spectacle. The track has light hearted aspects sparking off combined with deeper ends especially when one hears the well written break. Indeed it is a complex written piece of music that unfolds in a journey like fashion.
Maybe this track could be evaluated as Bjerring´s most extreme excursion into the techno world.

We welcome Spada with his second remix contribution on Traum.
Also with this remix he lingers in the space defined mostly as “in between techno and melodic techno”.
This time Spada converted "Perpetuum" into a post Detroit hymn with grand strings and lush elements... adding that certain melodramatic element Detroit musicians always emphasised.
This could be a huge summer track (!) and it sure melts the snow in the instant of a moment.

Marigold is a wonderful melancholic song that refers to dimensions such as: lonelyness, remoteness, great panoramic monumemtalism as well as micro views. It sees itself therfore in an analogy to Thomas Bjerring´s debut track on Traum: “Stratus”. A deep track that goes to the heart.

MP3 Album 7.00 €
released by: Traum incl. 19% VAT.

Peter Uertz - Muldaw

Classic House n Deephouse, Relaxed but intense! Medium tempo.
MP3 Album 2.00 €
released by: Peter Uertz incl. 19% VAT.

Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider - Pianotapes

Actually what Bill Wells and Stefan Schneider are doing on their new album „Pianotapes“ is chamber music. Wells plays fragile scales on the Bechstein grand piano, while Schneider records them on two old reel-to-reel tape machines and plays the recordings back at altered speeds. This real-time recording process is reflected in Well’s piano playing, who replies with modulation and key changes, building the sounds and ideas into his improvisation, playing with them and developing them.

Bill Wells is the Nestor of the Glasgow indie scene. The bassist, guitarrist and pianist has worked with the likes of The Pastels and the BMX Bandits as well as recording an album with Isobel Campbell, formerly singer/cellist in Belle & Sebastian. Wells has allways been interested in areas of the avant-garde that flourish on the bordeline between electronica, folk, jazz and new music. His album „Osaka Bridge“ which he recorded with the Japanese amateur ensemble Maher Shalal Hash Baz is legendary. And with his own trio and octet he also creates a truly inspiring sound.

Recently he produced the album „ Pick Up Sticks“ in 2003 which was the first time he worked with Stefan Schneider zusammen. The man from Düsseldorf is part of the trio To Rococo Rot, has a solo project Mapstation, and works with Joachim Roedlius from Cluster. Schneider and Wells developed the idea for „Pianotapes“ together and presented it live for the first time at the piano festival „Approximation“ at Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf.

For the recordings the two musicians only rehearsed the technical set-up, everything else came about through improvisation. And the result is a rich tapestry of sound. Occasionally  Schneider and Wells add synthesizer sounds into these counterplay of  original and copy. The atmosphere has soemthing of a fairytale quality to it, but is never too eccentric. This is music that has been arranged with great clarity to make for something atmospheric and fascinatingly timeless. Chamber music for the closing phases of globalisation.

With his cover design André Niebur, part of the artists collective hobbypopmuseum, has created the perfect visual counterpoint to the music on „Pianotapes“.
MP3 Album 8.99 €
released by: Karaoke Kalk incl. 19% VAT.

Emanuele Errante - Time Elapsing Handheld

Time Elapsing Handheld is the third full length album by Italian experimental musician and sound-artist Emanuele Errante. His debut album Migrations came out in 2007 on Canadian label Apengenine to great acclaim. Along with Hauschka, Peter Broderick and the Books, Errante remixed his Karaoke Kalk label-mates Dakota Suite for their album The Night Just Keeps Coming In. Now with his latest work Time Elapsing Handheld he releases another long-playing record of astonishing majesty on Karaoke Kalk.

This stunning album kicks off with the appropriately titled opening track Leaving To Nowhere, and from the word go the listener is captivated by the many layers Errante's delicately interwoven sound-scapes. What's fascinating about Emanuele Errante's work is the way he combines acoustic sounds and electronic production methods to great effect. Like on Made To Give which was written in collaboration with English sound-artist Simon Scott who was formerly in Slowdive, now one member of Seavault on morr music (with A Ryan from ISAN) has also worked with Brian Eno, Machinefabriek, Jasper TX and Nils Frahm among others. Errante walks a fine line between an organic, analogue timbre on one hand and the modern digital world on the other. While the guitar, piano and harp all play a great role on Time Elapsing Handheld, its never too long before these instantly recognizable acoustic tones become engulfed by synthesized strings, sampled noise or digital effects.
Time Elapsing Handheld is accessible on a level that vocal based pop/rock can never be. And that is the wonderful thing about this kind of ambient music; it draws on our attention in a completely different way from traditional song-based music. Rather than constantly demanding close listening and cramming the compositions with obvious landmarks in order to grab one's attention, ambient seeps into the psyche effortlessly - almost against the will. In this way it is perhaps the most subversive music around as it is still taken in when one thinks one is not really listening; even as background music ambient sounds such as Errante's have a tremendous impact. In this way Time Elapsing Handheld plays with our preconceived perception of music and temporality allowing us a refreshingly positive new outlook. As Emanuele puts it: „Time is a relative concept. The recording of a song makes infinite the moment of its execution. But man has not yet succeeded in inventing a device that can accelerate the passing of time.“ This strong metaphysical concept behind the album is illustrated beautifully in Valentina Russo's stunning cover artwork. And with one amazing video for Dorian's Mirror already finished by director Mélanie Skriabine plus Errante currently collaborating with Italian experimental theater group Acchiappastorie, there is no lack of visual stimulus to accompany the recordings contained on Time Elapsing Handheld.

Time Elapsing Handheld will appeal to anyone interested in serious new music and might be especially interesting for fans of artists such as Arvo Part, Marsen Jules or Deaf Center. This is definitely ideal music for contemplation while listening from the comfortable solitude of headphones. The calm and tranquil atmospheres that Emanuele Errante evokes lend themselves perfectly to sitting back and letting the music sweep you along on a sonic journey.
MP3 Album 7.99 €
released by: Karaoke Kalk incl. 19% VAT.


[India tec remixes]
His digital EP release on SOUND!S “India tec remixes” is consisting of 3 tracks, all carrying his signature, but none among of them absolutely copying the style of the actual trends. Track1 and track2 of July 2010 are remixes in a style influenced by a friends DJ-production.
We call it twisted DUB steppin' tech house mixes with elements of electronic, trance and ethno influences!

So have fun and enjoy this all new genre of “Electro-funk-ethnic-tec-house-Dub”!

Track-A1: Indiatec clubmix part3 [6:26]
Track-A2: Indiatec dubmix part2 [7:55]
Track-A3: Indiatec remix part1 [7:58]

backsite Katalognummer/EAN JB001 [Tracks from Jeanbarth's promo vinyl testpress-12” | 2010 ]
Released by: SOUND!S JB001
Barcode: 642738966724
Release date: August 8, 2010
Composition by Jeanbarth

Artist: Jeanbarth
Bass, Analogsynths, digitalsynths, ringmodulator, VOCODER, drum programming: Jeanbarth
Producer: SOUND!S
Remixes and Mastering by SOUND!S
Jeanbarth / ULI IMSIEPEN

Jerzy Korzen, Marc Adamo, Andy Lee; Loopmasters
Nigel Anderson; Zero-G
Tablas performed by AREF DURVES Zero-G
percussion performed by Bashiri Johnson
Mark Hiskey and Brown Bag Productions,
Skippy lehmkuhl, Eric Persing, Chris O'Brien, Mark Koenig; ILIO

All Rights of this production are reserved.
Unauthorized copying is a violation of applicable law
MP3 Album 3.00 €
released by: SOUND!S recordings incl. 19% VAT.

Kaiserdisco - In no one`s shadow remixes

It has taken us some time to have a whole remix record of Kaiserdisco's album “In No One's Shadow“ finally done... so now we can really say we have a good variation of perspectives.
Starting with the 2000 And One and DJ Madskillz remix of “Amalfino”. We sure do not have to introduce these two artists to you... we have been following Dylan's music for 10 years now since his early Djax Up days and so it makes us happy that he has found his way to us again after his remix for Dominik Eulberg's “Grünschenkel“ remix 2007 on Traum.
DJ Madskillz is right next to 2000 And One a force in The Netherlands and worldwide, so teaming up makes their productions an even a stronger project.
What can you expect from the two other than reducing the original of “Amalfino“ to the essentials and still get a bit of deepness going... fat, dry and to the point their remix need no stunts to rock every floor.

Yousef, who has released on Cocoon recently, has done a laid back melodic version of “In No One's Shadow“ keeping it really steady going but mellow and deep. We can see this remix doing very well with a relaxed crowd like the one at the Panoramabar.

French legend Sébastian Léger's remix of “Simplistix“ is a tough an technoid kind of “techno-house-hybrid“ which resembles Sebastian's new style he is very successful with.

Slovenian artists F. Sonik's remix of “Aguja“ focuses on a tripped out minimal style, which would work very well in a set with Bukaddor & Fishbeck's releases on MBF.

As a digital bonus we have Bart Skills deliver a solid groove with his “In No One´s Shadow“ remix.
Different DJs will find their track on this release. We hope you enjoy this octopus of a release as much as we do!
MP3 Album 6.00 €
released by: MBF incl. 19% VAT. - Tech me house alias Markus Ferdinand has been busy releasing on various labels and he is still a unpredictable person.
His release on Desolat “Sing And Blow At The Same Time” as well as his release on Robsoul have established him as a funky player in the field of minimal, who freshened up the genre with light hearted emotional tracks.
Trapez ltd has been in contact with him since the early days, so we are happy to welcome his debut 3 track on Trapez ltd.

“Teach Me House” is a little bit of a new school version of the early “jack” tracks.
The title track is a groove monster that plunges into catchy vocals of a TV preacher evoking that early house spirit but connecting it to´s undisputable funky beats.

“Le Cirque Du Tambours” comes in a remix by Desolat label mate Den Ishu who has also recorded together with Arado for Area Remote in the Netherlands and who is based also in the former coal mining district of Germany where Marcus Sur and Reuter stem from, who belong to the MBF LTD fraction.
A district that has a long tradition for house music.
Den Ishu´s remix of “Le Cirque Du Tambours” is a driving house with frantic female vocals, pumping´s soulfulness on the dance floor.´s original mix of “Le Cirque Du Tambours” rounds up the record nicely. Certainly more on the cool side of things, he adds a lot of small details on the percussive side, keeping a natural flow with jazzy elements... such as a trumpet and acoustic drums.

The release also holds 2 digital remixes of „Lord Teach Me House“.
Wouter De Moor has released on hip Dutch label Remote Area together with Gideon Bouwens and we are proud to have him do a remix for Trapez ltd. Wouter blends skilful old school house elements with new production and generates here a remix with a U.S. vintage feeling.
Acclaimed Brazilian producer Gabriel Serrasqueiro has positioned himself amoung the top 5 Brazilian DJs, reached top ranks in Beatport and has earned praise from DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo, Laurent Garnier and Anthony Papa. GABE also won international recognition with the nomination for Best Revelation DJ in 2009, on Ibiza DJ Awards. His remix of "Lord Teach Me House" is a cool modern rhythm track interpretation the track totally different to Wouter De Moor.
MP3 Album 6.00 €
released by: Trapez LTD incl. 19% VAT.

Taster Peter - Porno Totale

Taster Peter aka Pietro Marsili, former drummer of the Italian band "Taster's Choice" has successfully collaborating lately with artist such as Umek, Marco Bailey and Oliver Koletzki.
We have been in touch with him for a while, so we are proud to finalize a release with him.
The 3 track vinyl EP is a real techno stormer.
Opening with a piece of euphoric madness named "Skatebored" that has Trapez go peak time.
This is not about Berlin modernism but about hi frequency techno at its best. Call it a roller skating anthem or a force from the past, call it nostalgic or cliché, you cannot get away with making Taster Peter a compliment for this hysteric tour de force. There are classic things which we find for example it is all about catchy leads, a massacre of vocals and a storming break... but this all it needs to make it a big DJ weapon. And... to give one more comment on it... it is a hell of fun.

Well “Porno Totale” is not bad either and can be defined as a techno avalanche, a rush of energy par excellence! Keeping things simple and focusing once again on that all important groove and these catchy chords that keep adrenalin pumping... it seems to be just the right answer to “Skatebored”.

We must state here... we have not heard anything like this since Dave Clarke´s “Red 1”... and it sure makes techno minimalism look old in the mix.
No one less than Samuel L Session was asked to remix “Porno Totale” and this really completes the package. Samuel L Session is certainly a person who has all the experience to mix pumping basslines and has the jack going through the track. This mix keeps the nice retro touch but adds some warmth to it as well as giving it it bit more of a personal touch.

A digitally bonus mix comes by Peter Horrevorts who delivers here a super catchy DJ tool!
Focussing on funky tech house he is so famous for... he adds a musical direction which has not been attempted by the other artists on this release. Well done!

Taster Peters music has been recently licensed to the new Karotte's Kitchen Compilation and here is a interview of Taster Peter:
MP3 Album 5.00 €
released by: Trapez incl. 19% VAT.

Ryan Davis - Routes of life

We welcome Ryan Davis, an artist who should have released with us a long time ago, since his music is very close to what Traum has released over the period of 12 years.
Ryan is great musician and totally dedicated to the melodic side of dance music, with compositional skill and courage that is rare in dance music today.
Ryan has recorded for various labels but keeps a low profile for himself which makes him a true candidate for Traum also in the future.

The opening track “Routes Of Life” is a track of sheer extravagance. It combines different musical genres in in a very skilful way and makes an unmistakable statement towards an artistic composition.
You will find so many influences going on here that it is hard to pin down weather it is a romantic or cinematic track or even a strong club epic.
It works on all levels and that is a quality Ryan Davis has cultivated over a long period.
Lush and deep passages alternate with energetic ones, using hi tech technology to make it a firework or rather a serpentine of delicate stunts altogether.
“Loophole” is wise enough to dedicate itself to a more track like piece of music.
But please do not make judgements too quick... in the course of it’s development it attracts colourful, melodic elements and takes them in to a never-ending beat.
Step by step Ryan Davis adds long-armed synth stretches and the lushness of “fragile” electronic music.
“Sideways”, the third track is by far the most “free minded spirit” on the release.
Again equally beautifully crafted and refurbished to feel fresh and new as all of these tracks... Davis here suggest rather than dedicates images that seem to drown in a ”see of sound”.
This includes “slow motion” or “stand still” passages and a general “fantastic” approach rather than a „club head turner“.
New Traum artist from the UK Morris Cowan has taken on “Sideways” and instantly felt he could do a interpretation it in his style. The result is a tight new interpretation based on an arrangement which takes in the coolness of dub step but also pays tribute to the seriousness of the original.
We think Morris Cowan has done great and have signed him for a full length album on Traum´s new imprint Zaubernuss!
MP3 Album 6.00 €
released by: Traum incl. 19% VAT.

Applescal - Welcome to the woods remixes

The second part of the "Welcome To The Woods" of Applescal features remixes by: Spada, Dopamine, Leeks and Jules & Moss.

Spada delivers a unique remix of "Your English Song" that is transported by the force and drive of an appegiator, occasionally taking a breath diving deeply into Applescal´s melancholy.

Dopamine has remixed the same track but ends up somewhere totally different, reminding us of early Jimi Tenor on Sähkö, very simplistic and stripped down this is a dead cool techno remix.

Leeks has remixed "Welcome To The Woods" and keeps it much more on the tip of post Detroit style with big emotional synths.

French artists Jules & Moos have just signed with Dirtybird and give their debut on Traum with their remix of Applescal´s "Welcome To The Woods". Being real masters with the performance of real drumming which they have included in their DJ sets worldwide... their remix lives of that acoustic
quality they have made their own trademark. Celebrating a "breathing" electronic sound... it proofs they are unique within the fast paced world of club culture.
MP3 Album 5.00 €
released by: Traum incl. 19% VAT.

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