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Matador - Handbagass

Irish artists Matador aka Gavin Lynch has released a dozen records already and is a well respected producer.
His remix of Perc’s "Work Softer" put him on the list for DJs with taste and since then he has been supported
by the scene.
Trapez is proud to have a release by another talented Irish producer after Donnacha Costello who recorded
on Trapez under the name of "Pleite" successfully.
Gavin has a new and fresh perception of techno his music relies on it’s strength not to be too elaborate but
rather focussing on the essentials and executing these in sheer perfection. The mystic formula can be found in
these tiny differences we all love.
"Sisi" maybe be the strongest and most direct of all 4 tracks. Melodic and still with a great attitude for
understatement this track is catchy enough to make the hairs stand up... followed by an emotional shudder.
"Handbagass" is much more playful but at the same time has that certain kind of "static" feeling to it which is
responsible for so many records so special and artistic on Trapez.
"Jeno" is a spooky track with a haunting quality which gets under your skin. It will appeal to all the Sähkö
fans. This track has that kind of "engine drive" which makes it so distinctive.
"Mood To Swing" works with wailing sounds that could come from a cat or a human.
Remixes come from Trapez artist Dopamine, who has done an incredible remix of" Handbagass", working
with a super nice static feeling himself... sounding as if Kraftwerk fell in to a deep and steep hole of dark
Von Bonn, who has just released his first record on Telrae delivers a classy bassy dub techno remix that will
knock you out of your sandals.
David Meyer remixed Matador’s "Handbagass" into as shape shifting techno house groover that has an
atmospheric as well and a intricate rhythmic side to it, whereas Joey Bush’s remix of “Handbagass” skips the
kick drum in favour and has a cool bassline and catchy percussion.
1. Sisi 2. Handbagass 3. Jeno 4. Moodswing 5. Handbagass (Dopamin Remix)
6. Handbagass (Van Bonn Remix) 7. Handbagass (David Mayer Remix)
8. Handbagass (Joey Bush Remix)

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Deepchild - Talk to me

What happened to Deepchild? Deepchild is hammering out another 5 cool tracks as if he had become a machine himself.
Fascinated by analogue drum machines, the wonders of unrulable analogue mightiness, Deepchild assumes here the role of an explorer, looses himself in the wonderful world of spiritual sequences and sounds.
“Talk To Me” is such an transcendental trip, we could compare to Jungle Fever's “Malaria“ powered images. Deepchild at his best... full of sound and yet with so little ego, it is just like the old days when music making was never thought of being linked to money mad people.

“Live At Dimitris 1993” is a daring but cool combination of a walking bass we know from Mister Fingers fused with Daft Punk vocals which have been fried down to a piece of phozy fibre, and fragment splinters of electronic sparkling matter. This is sci-fi tech house... hypnotic and super funky. Welcome to the deep world of the deepest child in techno bizz.

“Innocence Is Gone” is a surreal trip into a world where even words are morphed into sound. This track frees itself from anything which could mean dead freight.
This is a a track that is so much in love and in harmony with itself, you can only go along with it and find your peace... otherwise you'd better shut off the tune. For the people who love music we say.
“TC Dub” picks up the feeling and natural progression on the rhythmic side “Innocence Is Gone” has established, if you like the feeling of that track it's perfect for you.
“The Sword” works a bit with a shuffle programming so it is something new. For all of you who like Sade this track has that kind of mildness to it... venture to taste it!

We wanted some remixes of these tracks so the first two Grünbox and Denite have remixes “Talk To Me”... these remixes are quite different but we love them. So please give them a listen.

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Roland M. Dill - Broadband

“Broadband” is a good name to describe the quality of this techno monster by Roland M. Dill.
The track is as close-packed as silicone and stays mum till the bitter end. It has a bassdrum with steam hammer quality and sounds that give away their life. No track for the weak... the track when played at the right moment can do damage in a big way... we suggest... play this track with great awareness.
“Shadow & Winston“ is the funky brother of “Broadband”. This track is a great beat track with cool Dadaistic tones injected... it could go on forever... similar to a great Radio Slave track from the past!
“Phantom Ship Island” is another cool mover. It moves with funkiness of a chain armour and has ghosts bricked in. This is a cool track for people who want the heavy distortion amount to a thick layered sound.
Don't forget the Detroit jazzy Sun Ra sounds that join in towards the end... Also good with headphones... Enjoy.

Harvey McKay has remixed “Broadband” in two mixes. His fist remix includes dubby delay sounds on top of a pounding rhythm and a rattling percussion-noise that will send you directly on to the dance floor. Great simplicity and techno feel.
Remix 2 is lighter, makes use of chords and a lot of percussive sounds. It is maybe a bit closer to the original, but very different to his other remix. Get a bit of post-Detroit-feel with this one.

Hailing from Italy's techno capital Napoli, Sasha Carassi gained major recognition in 2010 for his outstanding releases on not only his own imprints Globox and Phobiq but also on other prominent labels such as Harthouse, Driving Forces, Sleaze, Respekt Recordings, 8 Sided Dice and Drumcode. With numerous remixes and collaborations with artists such as Joseph Capriati, Adam Jay, Brian Sanhaji, Spektre and Virgil Enzinger, he has also enjoyed major support from the likes of Adam Beyer, Slam, Fergie, Alex Bau,The Advent, and Alan Fitzpatrick.
We welcome Sasha on Trapez who will strengthen the heavier side of Techno on Trapez with this hypnotic rocking remix of "Broadband".

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Xircus - Reality Bites EP

“Reality Bites” is the second release of Xircus on Trapez, following their track „Simplicit“ on the Trapez 100 release. The duo is consists out of Traum artist Max Cooper and UK producer Satyajit Das and their project has by far a stronger focus on the dancier side of Max Cooper but still works with concepts.

Starting with “Rolf Harris”, we see this track creating a weird interaction between the stream like “tracky” beat and the manipulated sounds.
A bit of a concept here that works well and is not supposed to be as “traditionally funky” as Akufen´s “Psychometry Series” on Trapez.

“Hyperventilation” says it all... the concept here is a panic stricken inward breathing that rhythmically intervenes with the beat in a magic way.

“Dehydration“ uses samples of water in a rhythmically way to install the Xircus funk here.

Remixes come from the UK artist duo Deepgroove and Argentinean producer Ronan Portela.
Deepgroove have shifted the original much more in a direction of funky minimal tech house tune, injecting a lot of weirdness by manipulation of sound, keeping a high degree of chubbiness going that will appeal also to a larger audience.

We are happy to be able to include Ronan Portela as a remixer.
Portela lives in Buenos Aires and as you realise right from the beginning of his remix, he writes killer grooves. The beat could just as well go on for the whole of the night.
His recent tech-house sound fits perfectly to modern times and in the last respect matches Max Cooper's approach to use modern technology to manipulate sounds and place them in a clubby environment.

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Taster Peter - Porno Totale

Taster Peter aka Pietro Marsili, former drummer of the Italian band "Taster's Choice" has successfully collaborating lately with artist such as Umek, Marco Bailey and Oliver Koletzki.
We have been in touch with him for a while, so we are proud to finalize a release with him.
The 3 track vinyl EP is a real techno stormer.
Opening with a piece of euphoric madness named "Skatebored" that has Trapez go peak time.
This is not about Berlin modernism but about hi frequency techno at its best. Call it a roller skating anthem or a force from the past, call it nostalgic or cliché, you cannot get away with making Taster Peter a compliment for this hysteric tour de force. There are classic things which we find for example it is all about catchy leads, a massacre of vocals and a storming break... but this all it needs to make it a big DJ weapon. And... to give one more comment on it... it is a hell of fun.

Well “Porno Totale” is not bad either and can be defined as a techno avalanche, a rush of energy par excellence! Keeping things simple and focusing once again on that all important groove and these catchy chords that keep adrenalin pumping... it seems to be just the right answer to “Skatebored”.

We must state here... we have not heard anything like this since Dave Clarke´s “Red 1”... and it sure makes techno minimalism look old in the mix.
No one less than Samuel L Session was asked to remix “Porno Totale” and this really completes the package. Samuel L Session is certainly a person who has all the experience to mix pumping basslines and has the jack going through the track. This mix keeps the nice retro touch but adds some warmth to it as well as giving it it bit more of a personal touch.

A digitally bonus mix comes by Peter Horrevorts who delivers here a super catchy DJ tool!
Focussing on funky tech house he is so famous for... he adds a musical direction which has not been attempted by the other artists on this release. Well done!

Taster Peters music has been recently licensed to the new Karotte's Kitchen Compilation and here is a interview of Taster Peter:

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Deepchild - Stadtkind

After good feedback from people such as Kiko, Orde Meikle (SLAM), Renato Cohen and Patrick Pulsinger
for Deepchild´s stunning production, Deepchild moved from Australia to Berlin and recorded his first tracks
there for Trapez. Influenced by his performance at Trapez label night at Berghain and coming to terms with
all the new influences he now has 3 new tracks for Trapez.
“Stadtkind” is a soulful vocal track in a stop and go manner, it sees Deepchild aka Rick Bull singing adding
elctronic sounding sequences that provide the track with the edgy character that makes Trapez tracks
“This Is A True Story” is a Detroit flavoured techno track, much more on the techno trip than recent tracks of
his. We are not saying it is techno for the sake of it, but we would say it has the pumping character the
track needs to put across the theme which unfolds in this special track.
This track has instant recognition going for it twists and turns the vocals over and over again and makes
them the theme of the track.
Sometimes when they are down pitched they sound like the vocals of Jimi Hendrix sometimes more like the
voice of an alien.
Deepchild definitely has this track going in the footsteps of cool mind-bending music and we assume the
Berlin dance floors will thank him for that as we think it is touching base which what is crazy and warped
out there.
The third track on the EP is the deep and grinding track called “Daddy”. We hope that this track does not
relate to the relationship to his Dad, because the psychedelic funk note it carries is more intergalactic than
earthly bound. This is a hell of a funky track full of soul... sounds as if Rick is playing all of them live... it
has such a amazing flow and it is so natural, it could be done on the breakfast table between frying some
scrambled eggs, boiling hot coffee and french toast. This is hot shit!
The first bonus remix comes by Autodeep. They have already remixed Deepchild before for Trapez once
and again they did a great job. Autodeep´s remix of Stadtkind is a cool Chicago mover with naive
acoustic percussion details, going really strong through it's hypnotic beat programming.
And Australian top DJ and producer Dopamine has remixed "Stadtkind" into a fierce big time piece of
driving techno, avoiding the vocals the remix stays very cool and functional!

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Andre Kraml - Black Water

We welcome back the Cologne artist of excellence André Kraml.
After his Cosmic Sandwich remix on MBF, his legendary track “Safari” and many electronic
releases on the Cologne label Firm, he has returned with a real dance floor churner.
Spiced with samples and effects he assembled through his work for cinema sound track
production, this deep and heavy pounding piece of deep techno is a unique one.

With his a-side track “Black Water” André makes the connection to psychedelica as well as
dropping a melodic sequence similar to Derrick May's “Strings of Life” in the middle of the track
engulfing later in to a radiant Krautrock synthscape... this track is an amazing experience.
“Koerbchen” is a short episode like funk track we would expect rather from Dirtybird Christian
Martin than from a Cologne musician. Well done!
“Der Springende Punkt” could be described as a meditative techno track if there was not André's
liking for deep techno and mighty production.
Mexican artist Pinto has reworked “Black Water“ into a heavy“ beat freak that is very much in
tune with the tracks on this 12”.
Additionally new discovery at Traum ThermalBear has done a rework of “Der Springende Punkt”
which actually turns out to be quite a track on its own.
With this remix he has created a clubby remix for Trapez, a night crawler, bassline driven, with
dark sounding strings and a hell of a punchy beat, it is the most advanced and new school
sounding in the track list of this EP.

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Roland M. Dill - Casino Capitalism

We can only speculate on what Roland M . Dill wants so express with a title like “Casino Capitalism” and in how this
correlates with his making of music. First of all it is not a political dimension he refers to but a simple technical term
and Roland is known by now to the techno world as an architect and composer rather than a person who works for a
one-dimensional world. Talking about “Casino Capitalism” we want to state here it is a hell of a funk monster! A cool
odyssey changing angles of perspective, dynamics, but always keeping it cool and elegant.
There is space for silence as well as roaring passages... not to forget that the track burst of emotional strength. The
track describes “a condition” rather than a simple state of mind... but who knows Roland M. Dill knows that he is a
guy who takes on the most difficult challenges and let’s his composition skills and intellect do the work. This is a great
“The Hierarchy Of Peeps And Booms” is a slacker of a track. The Bassline is almost disco. The sounds sound like
mosquitoes on a mission to dart into your skin. Sequences distorted and rough... this is what techno is all about. This
track is a sick one. Not the Roland M. Dill power techno we know from the past but more like thick “static in the air”.
DJs who liked “Taurine On Sunday” will like this even better, this production is bassy!
B2 is a remix of “Hash Browns“ by Frankfurt legend Patrick Lindsey who has recorded for Harthouse in the past (to
just name a few) and belong definitely to the more avant-garde alongside Heiko Laux and Johannes Heil. Patrick has
worked recently with Radioslave, Adam Beyer, Thomas Schumacher and Oliver Huntemann and you can tell he has
funk in his bones. His remix is a cool “body mover” with rhythms and short down pitched vocals, twists and curls...
this remix is for the DJs who really want to build up a communication with the dancer. No shallow tales or cheap
thrills... deep techno of the most advanced kind with a lot of Chicago trax flavour injected.
Digital add add-ons come by Trapez artist Michael Boenig and by techno legend Justin Berkovi.
Michael who has just released his first 12” on Trapez is a real player on the techno floors in the area around
Cologne, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. A man who can make strong decisions and has simplified the rollercoaster in it’s
original version into a big “peak time” Tour de Force.
Justin was raised in Brighton and belongs certainly to the group of people associated with Christian Vogel, Neil
Landstrumm, Surgeon, although communicating a slightly different approach on Djax Up, Music Man, Moskito,
Harthouse and last but not least on his own label Predicaments and Nightrax. Justin greets us with a jacked up drum
pattern, and a tripped out journey down the path of classic Chicago house. His version of “Hash Browns” introduces
lots of bouncy earthquake like bassy sounds, spine tingling psyche out sounds in the breaks that make the mix funky.

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Michael Boenig - Toris Moon

Michael Boenig is a true product of the German techno scene.
There are few people still around and spinning in clubs that have been part of the scene since the very beginning.
Michael has participated in the Frankfurt trance and techno scene in the early 90ies and has constantly developed his skills behind the decks and his own production.
His DJ skills soon earned him a lot of praise and residencies in clubs mainly in Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Hannover.
His reputation got him gigs later also in Europe and oversees (USA, Mexico, Brazil).
In 2009 he had a major hit on Kling Klong with the name of: „Der Grune Wald“ and releases with “Toris Moon” his debut on Trapez.

“Toris Moon” picks up a rhythm feel the new school of minimal techno has developed over the years and fuses it with Michael's interpretation of techno.
Pascal Feos has remixed “Toris Moon” and has incorporated a stronger house feel he has also highlighted in his recent released album.

The b-side sees the release of an peak time hymn, bold beats, restrained chords that keep making their way to the surface step by step putting a chill on ones skin.

Kiev's hottest techno DJ, who had just recently also remixed Moonbeam for Traum has made a real dance floor churner out of the minimal techno original.
By using teasing climaxes und catchy hook lines Spartaque has shown once again his sense for transforming music in to a huge DJ weapon.

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McMurdo - Beaufort

We welcome new artist McMurdo.
The artist McMurdo has been recording for himself over the last 5 years being inspired by the likes of Dettmann and Ben Klock. He has developed an hypnotic stunt free funky groove which has a chord imbedded and strings that remind us a bit of Robert Hood´s music. This all applies to his a side track “Beaufort” a stunning hypnotic rollercoaster.

“Mary's Rooms” is a hypnotic piece of a drum track. This one constantly makes funky turns, stumbles, jumps and jacks in a unique way.
This track puts a smile on our faces and really shows that there is room for music which goes left and right of the mainstream techno house.
The track seems to suck in influences from a all over the planet, sounds that sound weird metallic, others are electronic reverse sounds... we honestly think that this is as great as the Akufen´s music we released in the past... equally tricky it seems... provided with a kind of jazzy randomness, it is very well controlled and aims at an destination, we are not aware of where it could be.

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Grünbox - Share The Bong

Hi, this is not a typical Trapez release. Please be aware Leo is not a typical techno producer, he is between
the worlds and seems to be able to play a dozen instruments at the same time.
Leo Grünbaum aka Grünbox has released on Trapez before, his „Wiscacho Bombay“ EP in July 2009
earned praise by Ivan Smagghe who called him... “One of the best artist around”
Meanwhile also Loco Dice has asked him for a release on Desolat and WARP online shop Bleep has
chosen one of his tracks on „Wiscacho Bombay“ for their top 100 track bundle! So Leo gets around!
With his new release on Trapez, Leo really offers Trapez one of his best pieces of music up till now!
The Argentinean musician Grünbox has put his hands again on genres and instruments, mixing a cocktail
of deep funky techno house.
His new release is a firework of programmed and played instruments, that are deeply rooted in his
appreciation for electronic/experimental, funk, hardcore, jazz, tango, rock and more.
The release opens with a real corker. “Share The Bong” is a opium soaked jazz soundtrack for what we
call: “a cocktail lounge splatter movie sound from exotica”.
But the track is by no means an abstract obscurum, no it is a celebration of a big party! Ever seen or heard
the best moments of Salsa in New York in the 70ies? Well Leo must have been there in his “first life”.
Track No 2 is “Zoomba”, a polka powered sexy beast of a track. This is the little sister of “Share The
Bong”, you can feel the same Latin touch. We don't want to forget that also this track has a surreal edge to
it when Leo puts the trombone into action.
“Dafunk” is a heavy bassdriven techno house track, starting more minimal and serious than it's two
predecessors. But when Leo gets the percussions going he establishes a kind of ritual trance feeling which is
awesome. And then Leo starts to reverse women vocals which drives us totally nuts. We have not heard that
kind of sexiness since Mike Ink's “Morella”.
Leo's mate Guti has remixed “Share The Bong” for him in a very sensual way. A cool up and down
separated by sweet vocals.
The bonus mix comes by Grünbox himself with a variation of his track “Zoomba”.

MP3 Album

Leeks - Qwerty

Leeks has remixed Max Cooper for Traum already, but we have always considered him a Trapez artist.
He has a cool techno attitude with a swing like programming and odd sounds.
We love his way of experimenting with sounds, some are quite edgy others are electronic sounding and not necessarily pleasing sounds as we get them in nearly every production these days. “Qwerty” for example does not subdue to the daily routine of “today's techno” but moves upright and proudly. Ever listened to Jeff Mills? You will then understand a bit about what is going on here.

“Not So Late” opens with an obscure electronic sound but then has a crowd pleasing big housy bassline drop in. A phenomena of British house, we dearly love. Leeks moves in the direction of early Blake Baxter cool piano chords with this track, somehow conveying a feeling of anxiety as if walking narrow streets at midnight!

“Adhesive” is a bit of a Dadaistic track... it's cool rhythm production makes it the most advanced on this EP.
This track is a real trax, quirky and only for the wicked... with a bit of a non-sense sequency running through it... we love that... getting a bit of humour into the dry dance world.

The last track on the EP is a bassline driver, with percussive programming that is very much in tune with modern techno trax that generate motion, but stay out of “stunts” and keep things cool and also kind of freaky sounding.

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Roland M. Dill - Baked Potato

Hailed as one of his big tunes in his DJ sets by the likes of Dominik Eulberg and Triple R. "Baked Potato" is an excursion into deep waters, dirt paths, rocky hill tops and descending slopes.
This track might be the only one Roland M. Dill has done so far that bends and twists the dynamic in different ways making it a forceful techno epic.

"Hash Browns" is a funky affair... it wiggles and turns and bends and squeaks and... we are not sure what this track is made of... but it has a shape which constantly changes into another modus operandi.
Working with acoustic shifts form synthetic to "live recorded" sounds and back. This track is far from being a pimped up techno track, this track is as slick as a cucumber and makes transitions like as a snake.

"Bubble And Squeak" is a bit of a bonus track and a DJ tool.
We grant Roland this bonus and think providing extras for the DJ is a Trapez quality.
Centre of attraction is the groaning bassline that plays a melody which is strong on and very efficient the way Roland has put it. This track throws people against the wall and strips them naked... we guess
Roland has written this track with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek meaning to it.
It is heavy as a mule... and something for the heavy duty fraction in the Berghain club.

MP3 Album

Deepchild - Fire and Backroom Remixes

We see the armada of Trapez artist supporting Deepchild and have external help from Australian techno legend Dopamine, UK´s Leeks, Germanys Salz and Autodeep and Kink from Russia.

We hear you saying what is this all about, is Trapez going crazy?
But the two original tracks turned on some of our artist in such a big way, that we could not say no and had to do this remix release.
Please judge for yourself if you can feel the Salz – dub remix, which is very much in the style of the younger Hardwax white label releases... but Salz were doing this already in 1996, if you know “Dreamer” (Salz 04) you will know their stuff.

The “vocal free” Backroom remix of Leeks is by way the most youthful and agile and we see that one going well with the younger clubbers.

For the deephouse lovers, the name says it in itself Autodeep delivers a piece of cool house. A remix soft as velvet.

Dopamine's remix is close to the original, adding delays and extras passages in his mix.

And if you haven't had enough the Russian producer Kink blends old school Chicago house with acid basslines giving his contribution to this colourful pack of remixers.

MP3 Album

Deepchild - Fire

Deepchild dares to fire out almost a dozen of new tracks after his „Backroom“ debut on Trapez.

The title track “Fire” pulls all strings, this is what we have been waiting for, deep techno with enough passion to drown every dance floor in sweat and tears.
“Fire” combines the Miami bass with the New York house with the new school of techno in a vibrant mix.
We don't know when we heard a track like this for the last time, but it sure brings back old memories when tracks made people scream or people felt really touched.
Deepchild opens his soul for us with this massive love song which gets a collective feeling going on the dance floor.
Every time Deepchild´s vocals kick in we feel Jim Morrison has spoken. Coldness and heat change position in this track.

The track on the flipside of the vinyl is a techno rocker remix of Deepchild´s track “Backroom” by German producer Butch, recently voted by the Groove magazine as the best producer in 2009.
Butch has the skill of putting things simple and still creating emotional deep techno tracks. Coming from Hip Hop he knows how to work big basslines, keeping them smooth and fat,

On the digital side we see the fantastic track “Daylight” emerge. Miami bass influenced basslines make it deep and warm sounding. Cool old school Detroit techno-house chords and his vocals praise daylight as being “home again”.
“Discolights” is a more subtle track, atmospheric and smooth on the side of the melodies that spread out through the track.
“Casey Van Blap” is a bit the joker of this EP, the track is more surreal and might be the track for the DJ that wants things strange and mysterious.

MP3 Album

Christian Martin - Ghosts

We welcome this fantastic producer on Trapez with this piece of music which is quite different from most of what we get today.

The title track „Ghosts“ feels like as if Klaus Nomi and Kraftwerk were performing together... something we would have loved to have seen but which never happened.
This track is not not for the people who love it safe but for the adventurous and the wicked. Voices like sirens striking with high pitched tongues being counteracted by basslines with a surface that can only be described as rough as chunks of splintered steel.
A brilliant stop and go feeling shows that Christian Martin is the master on the steering wheel when it comes to controlling the movement.

“Work” is a groove box, a cool dubbed out steady going beat that never stops, never rests.
A track that you will need when playing on after-hours. A track that does not let you down. Sometimes it gets really cool, quirky, silly and goes into acid... crystal clear, sharp as a diamond. Then suddenly it turns back to normal, returning to the steady groove, just before Christian Martin throws in the Conga... well this guy is really the MAMBO-ACID KING of techno house!

„Song for Pop“ is a downbeat-drum and bass-ambient-acid-dub-soul-electronic-krautrock-track.
A mega blast from the past, a massive bassline rocker slow and heavy.
Try it open air!

MP3 Album

[a]pendiscs shuffle and dilo - Vaquero

The American Kenneth James Gibson originally from Austin, Texas is a man of many personas.
You may have stumbled across him since he has released on many labels with high profile such as Oracle, Revolver, Mo`s Ferry, Leftroom, Adjunct and has worked with Damian Lazarus,
but more than that, he is a quite unpredictable and original person.
For Trapez he has teamed up with the Argentinean producer Juan Franco Di Lorenz aka Dilo.
Dilo is by no means a new face on the electronic planet. He has released on Telegraph, Einmaleins, Minus, Adjunct, Soma and Leftroom and was remixed by prominent remixers such as: Sutekh, Mark Henning, Jay Haze, Bruno Pronsato, From Karaoke to Stardom, Ryan Crosson and certainly [a]pendics.shuffle. Dilo is a very open-minded producer who connects the two distinct worlds of rock and electronics via pop, IDM and experimentation. All this made him “the perfect partner” for Cascabel Gentz.

“Vaquero“ introduces the new wave of releases coming out on Trapez in new design.
Their debut “Vaquero“ is a remarkable deep, dubbed out piece of techno soaked in spaced out sounds, uncompromising and authentic.
The a-side “Cowboy Flyers” is a glamorous piece of techno. Drenched in that analogue and drugged out feeling this track is a bit or a prototype for the whole EP. A real jewel of a track where catchiness meets the abstract end of electronic dance music.
“Never Beat” and “No More No Less” aim to maintain the same sweet sense of suspense and live of that intensive feeling of psychedelica some of us know from bands such as Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV or the The Heat.
It is of no surprise that Kenneth got his first piece of equipment from our favourite band the Butthole Surfers, things just seem to belong to each other.
The record is the first of more to come from the duo on Trapez.

MP3 Album

Roland M. Dill - Low Go

Roland M. Dill is a passionate DJ, trained musician as well as bit of a scientist.
This release tells a story of psycho acoustics. So expect “Low Go” to be something special for your ears and for your soul. Roland likes Chicago music and this track has the chicagoesque feeling in it from the beginning. Those who remember Green Velvet will get a hang also on this powerhouse-techno production! This track will be easily fitted in to every Berghain DJ set and rock the shit out of everyone on the dance floor. Don't expect dubbed out lushness, this is serious “dance or die action”.

The remixes come from prominent producers around Europe, so starting chronological from a2 to b2:
Sian has appeared on a lot on raves and parties with his surf board. He is an international traveller who loves to be reminded of the times when surfing farmers left their houses with door frames and no doors.
His remix works in a way a countdown functions. Building up tension at an incredible speed, this track is set out to explode... but Sian would not be Sian if he had not developed a “club friendly torture”. Sian rides the wave of superfatt basslines and adds a sequence that sounds as if someone had replaced his teeth with thin pieces of metal, creating a humming voice comparable to one of a jaws harp.
Sian keeps the tension going with very few elements and shows he is a true master of techno.

Secret Cinema has been accompanying us since his first releases mid of the 90ies and we truly believe quality prevails, not to mention his mayor chart hit just 3 months ago with “Shake Ur Tech-Ass”.
Well Secret Cinema is unbelievably massive in his production. We don't see how anyone can fatten up the sound more than he can. But it is not only about tuning and pimping and pimping and tuning... his remix is a masters piece of perfection because it creates something rare... deep emotional hydraulic strength. This is like diving head on into a pool of silicone and getting sucked into it. This track has an hypnotic feel to it that is comparable to Radiohead.

Darko Esser is an icon in the techno scene of the Netherlands. His remix takes the track in to a direction you would not expect it could go to. Starting rather minimal Darko´s remix soon takes a turn and brings in jack elements and cool nostalgic melodies that will warm the heart of every Detroit techno lover. Was it Derrick May who played chords like this... these strings are looked up in the back of our heads like childhood memories of having your first popcycle exploding in your mouth. This is soulful music!

MP3 Album

Deepchild - Backroom

Let us introduce the new Trapez artist Deepchild with his brand new 2 track EP on vinyl plus one extra
digital bonus track.
Deepchild writes bass-heavy machine-music for broken people, disjointed booty-bass for back-room
dreamers, fuelled with sweat, jackin' funk and tears.
"Backroom" is such a track, a warm, raw, urgent and sensual. Techno at it's finest, highlighting
Deepchild´s voice stronger and more delicately than in the other two tracks.
His misch-masch of deep Detroit futurism, Southern-Crunk and forgotten Space-Disco cut with a rusting
razor-blade of German Tech-Minimalism and filtered through a personal collection of odd analogue
equipment is a secret formula that has "Backroom" come to life!
The b-side" Death Panel My Ass" is a masterpiece of a recording with a hell of a tricky production, cool
vocal snippets, cool effects over dubs... well a busy track but at the same time at ease and deep.
The digital bonus track "Come A Little Closer" is a tracky, sensual and deep track with that vocal
steering through it until the end.
Deepchild is based in Australia and has recorded for Resopal in the past. He is playing worldwide and
on Trapez parties in 2010 !
Backroom vocals:
"You and Me just moving in the backroom, We waiting for the sun to rise
We move a little closer in the backroom, Falling deeper 'caus we feel its our time
You and I forever in the moment, Disco lights and promises kept
We steady rising, open for the future, Cause we seen it, and it's free from regret
Coffee, black in the sunlight, I find again the will to fight
The bright stain of moonlight
We sweat tonight, We sweat tonight....
A. Backroom
B. Death Panel My Ass Ms Palin
Digital Bonus Come A Little Closer

MP3 Album

Alex Under - Muscle Cars II

Trapez headliner Alex Under releases with this 4 track EP a stunning follow up to „Muscle Tracks“. Titled „Muscle Tracks II“ , this release has a lot to offer from the housy but almighty fat “Firebird” to the speeding “Mustang”.

“Mustang” is a perfect techno track, it sums up what a whole techno night could be like. It is a fast track but also a deep cool track, when the chords join in one gets close to heaven. It is also a track that changes gear and has a nice feeling for controlling the pace perfectly.
The unbeatable cool Alex Under beat and 3D sound experiments that sound as if ice cubes were rotating in a tumbler make it a super track.

”Charger” is a massive track! The track seems to suck up air to created a vacuum and also sounds a bit as if there was a problem with the ignition of the Charger!
Once it gets going it is indeed a heavy rocking track!

“Firebird” is a fat sounding house track, which can be plaid by house DJs as well as techno DJs using a cool walking bassline and a super tight slapping snare and cool house vocals on top of it! Starting housy the track develops into a hi energy, appegiator driven track showing Alex Under´s talent for moving genres skilfully from one end to the other!

MP3 Album

V.A. - Trapez 100 PT2

We're happy that we have been part of a very lively and international techno scene with Trapez for almost a decade.
So now with the vinyl 100 out we celebrate this accomplishment with exclusive, unreleased material and lots of curiosities on Trapez and Trapez ltd. Out on CD with 11 tracks as well as on two separate 12“ with a selection of 3 tracks each.
The second record „Trapez 100 pt2“ features a great dynamic track by Dominik Eulberg, and two remixes, one by Break 3000 of Oliver Hacke´s legendary Trapez track „Der Vampir von Düsseldorf“ and the other by the famous Berlin duo Format:B of Florian Meindls hit track „Blast“.

Welcome back to the Trapez world. Dominik Eulberg released stunning records on Trapez in the past: "Gasthof „Zum Satten Bass“" was a huge hit and also "Adler" created a wave of enthusiasm. With his exclusive track "Ambivalent" for the Trapez 100 release he refers to the days when techno was defined through its drive and enormous dynamic. "Ambivalent" is exactly such a pounding driving track with a big synth joining in that creates joy and a great rush. Mr Eulberg was in a really good mood when he finished this track and we expect it to be played on many big raves.

"Der Vampir Von Düsseldorf" (eng. the vampire from Duesseldorf) is a legendary track, we released without any writing on the etiquette and just communicated by word. Very few people knew that Oliver Hacke produced it and a lot of people like Michael Mayer and Richi Hawtin played the limited 12“ a lot. Now you get a very cool and fantastic, monumental, grinding remix by Dirt Crew rec label owner Break 3000.

The Format:B remix of Florian Meindl´s slammer "Blast" is a winner. They manage to walk the fine line between techno and minimal by using sounds from mystery movies and funky beat patters, as well as slow down beats which create funky breaks and interludes that provide the original with a more trippy and rhythmic side.

The vinyl is accompanied by 5 high quality digital bonus tracks. The first track features the remix of one of the ultimate Trapez highlights of past: Dominik Eulberg´s “Gasthof “Zum Satten Bass””. It was remixed here by Jonas Kopp who has recently also been so successful with his remix of “Sansula”. This remix has a similar quality, is right on techno feeling, straight and deep.

Cirkus is a bit of a secret, since the name is a synonym of an artist who already records for us... Sneaking into the track list und his new disguise delivering what we think is true Trapez music.
Grünbox is or new artist on Trapez with a modern and non classical techno approach. His track “Alka Meltzer” seems to be a mixture of 3 tracks and is a bit of an underwater experience. It starts ambient goes dubby and ends techno. Quite a journey as we think and something special.
Jacek Sienkiewicz is a very early Trapez artist we released with almost 8 years ago. His track “Autumn 2010” is a wild mixture between Latin and classic electronica from the 7oies as we know if from Steve Reich or Terry Riley or Philippe Glass... Fuelled with a bit of Cabaret Voltaire... this is a groovy piece of shit since it turns toward a beat track in the end.
We welcome the young artist from Germany Bombilla with a very unique piece of music. Last but not least Tom Dazing has remixed our techno wizard from Cologne Roland M. Dill pumping out a hard wonderful techno track.

MP3 Album

Roland M. Dill - Trapez 100 Selection Mix by Roland M. Dill

A composition by Roland M. Dill using pieces of Trapez combing it with single channels, creating something on its own, quite unique.

MP3 Album

Various artists - Trapez 100

We're happy that we have been part of a very lively and international techno scene with Trapez for almost a decade.
So now with the vinyl 100 out we celebrate this accomplishment with exclusive, unreleased material and lots of curiosities on Trapez and Trapez ltd. Out on CD with 11 tracks as well as on two separate 12“ with a selection of 3 tracks each.
The fist record „Trapez 100 pt1“ features tracks by Gabriel Ananda, Roland M. Dill and a Five Green Circle remix by Salz.

We somehow always cross paths with Gabriel Ananda. He has been with Trapez from the start with his „Schaukeldrehen“ (Trapez 017) release and has been a great artist to work with since. Gabriel is a unique character, anachronistic to the bone, uncompromising when it comes to modern sound design which he gives a shit about. Still living in Cologne, he can rock a bird out of the birds nest with his dirty basslines. His Trapez 100 track „Afu 3“ has dynamic changes young producers would die for.

The duo Salz also from Cologne consist out of Emanuel Geller and Axel Erbstosser. Two of our closest friends since the early days of techno. They have been busy producing dub music for 7 years now and Donal Tierney's "Verse 2the Chorus" was one of their greatest favourites on Trapez ltd. So here you get finest dub house with producers tricks that will put a smile on your face.

Our hottest newcomer Roland M. Dill get's more funky from day to day after his "die hard" "Turboencabulator" which made everyone on the dance floor go wild. Whit his

MP3 Album

V.A. - Trapez 100

We're happy that we have been part of a very lively and international techno scene with Trapez for almost a decade.
So now with the vinyl 100 out we celebrate this accomplishment with exclusive, unreleased material and lots of curiosities on Trapez and Trapez ltd. Out on CD with 11 tracks as well as on two separate 12“ with a selection of 3 tracks each.
The fist record „Trapez 100 pt1“ features tracks by Gabriel Ananda, Roland M. Dill and a Five Green Circle remix by Salz.

We somehow always cross paths with Gabriel Ananda. He has been with Trapez from the start with his „Schaukeldrehen“ (Trapez 017) release and has been a great artist to work with since. Gabriel is a unique character, anachronistic to the bone, uncompromising when it comes to modern sound design which he gives a shit about. Still living in Cologne, he can rock a bird out of the birds nest with his dirty basslines. His Trapez 100 track „Afu 3“ has dynamic changes young producers would die for.

The duo Salz also from Cologne consist out of Emanuel Geller and Axel Erbstosser. Two of our closest friends since the early days of techno. They have been busy producing dub music for 7 years now and Donal Tierney's "Verse 2the Chorus" was one of their greatest favourites on Trapez ltd. So here you get finest dub house with producers tricks that will put a smile on your face.

Our hottest newcomer Roland M. Dill get's more funky from day to day after his "die hard" "Turboencabulator" which made everyone on the dance floor go wild. Whit his Trapez 100 contribution "1st Century Fox" he comes along with a super funky piece of techno that could establish him alongside John Tejada.

From the 100th release onwards, Trapez will feature a brand new look.

MP3 Album

Roland M. Dill - Taurine on Sunday

Following his “Turboencabulator” release this new 12” by Cologne based artist Roland M. Dill is a funky piece of shit with two bass heavy groovers that create grooves you will fall for.
“Taurine on Sunday” is a jumping jack track, a happy go merry super dooper late night groover that Charly Parker would love to do improvisations on. We can see this track going strong with house and Techno DJs.

On the flipside “Candy Mountain” is powered by a funky tight rhythm with accelerating tight beats, more in your face... although it holds deep hypnotic and subtle moments creating a complex cool techno track.

The first digital bonus track “Black Coffee” is a track with a caffeine rush... pure groove!

The second digital bonus track features a remix by Egberg. He is one of the new promising artist from the Netherlands who has already recorded on Michel De Hey's EC records and Clone records.
With his remix for Roland M. Dill´s „Taurine on Sunday“ he has again shown immense skill in composing emotional music as you cannot pin him down to one style. The way he has incorporated original sequences from Mr Dill is just fantastic and puts the track in a whole different musical environment, more sweet and clubby.

Kyle Geiger was named in DJ Mag as the "breakthrough DJ of 2008" by Adam Beyer. The Indiana based musician belongs to the new generation of techno producers who were originally inspired by harder techno but have developed their own definition of new hard-funk techno.
Kyle Geiger has released on Drum Code, Droid Recordings, Renovatio and MB Elektronics, and licensed tracks for the legendary Music Man and Harthouse labels.
We welcome Kyle on Trapez for his first remix. The remix works with a fine balance of slightly twisted recognisable parts from "Taurine on Sunday" and a cool new beat.
Kyle likes to have techno appear simplistic which is the original idea of Trapez (regular)!!!!!

MP3 Album

Gunbox - Wiscacho Bombay

The Argentinian musician Grünbox graduated with honours from Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA, with a major in Composition and Music Production and Engineering (2000). He played and recorded with many bands, ranging from electronic/experimental, funk, hardcore, jazz, tango, rock to classical combos.
Leo has recorded for CMYK but is still a tip for insiders and Trapez artists such as Oliver Hacke, Riley Reinhold and Gabriel Ananda are already supporting him.
What you will directly notice is, that because of his background, Leo is using sounds and combining sounds tht other people are not stumbling across.
His extraordinary beat programming puts him close to Mr Alex Under and so he is in the best company on Trapez.

“Acid Guanaca” is maybe the most forward pushing accelerating track, still it has the quality mentioned and sounds at times as if sounds of bees had joined the turbulent and driving beats.

“Lyon” with its vocals reminds us at times of Underworld, it is more musical , has cool jazzy elements going and works nice with a sort of abstract “disco bassline”.
This is a real piece of music for us. A strong composition and something a bit more emotional.

Well if you think you have heard it all, listen to “Wiscacho Bombay”! This is the real cool shit!
A Carribean groove box, jazzy coolness and sounds from water and tumbling ice cubes... a big summer hit!!!!

“Tombak” is the crazy bassline track that is stricly for dance, over the top and pure mania.

MP3 Album

Jacob Hilden - Glamouflage

Jakob Hilden is one Half of Format B and part of the project Red Robin & Jakob Hilden which was very successful on Trapez ltd.

Jakob´s new solo project involves his vocals and band skills from the past which he has fused here with the production skills he has earned from Format B productions.
What we get with the a side track “Glamouflage” is a cool and mighty organ grinder with vocals by Jakob Hilden using catchy lyrics. Less minimal and a big hit.

The b-side is called “Ground n Pound“ and moves like a rattlesnake with it’s strong driving percussion.
It`s dark synth lines makes it a soundtrack for the night and once again show that Jakob Hilden knows how to stir a track safe through the night.

MP3 Album

Jeff Samuel - Circle

Jeff Samuel is back with what we think is his best production for years and with one of the coolest tracks he has done so far.

The a side track “Circle” is really heavy duty bassline driven, a bouncy rocker... which could be up their with Claude van Stroke's bouncy house rockers.
The b1 track “Funk Taxi” starts out sick but eventually changes direction developing into a cool deep chord driven house track.
The b2 track “Lip Service” is driven by cool funky disco grooves and a lot of understatement. It's one of those that can go on forever... maybe a bit of a big surprise and a track that DJs will discover much later and stick to it... Hey this could be a „Soul Center“ aka Thomas Brinkmann track! We think this will be super big in Paris!
The digital bonus track “Piece A Dat“ is a dubby, atmospheric, dada funk track with sparks of vocal snippets'.

MP3 Album

Roland M. Dill - Turboencabulator

Roland M. Dill's first 12” on Trapez regular comes after two records on Trapez ltd and several
remixes for Traum. This is definitely a more grinding machine driven piece of techno music than
both of his previous EP´s.
Roland chose to call his record Turboencabulator, an idea of a incredible complex machine
which never existed, to illustrate the complexity and the nature of his trax or rather to try to
approach the complexity of machines through emotions. Either this or that way... Roland has
mixed all 3 trax in his new hardware setup and is shaping his sound design in a way that is
less predictable.
The title track “Turboencabulator” was the initial piece of music that he has reinterpreted to
create the flipside track “Retroencabulator”.
Last but not least the third track “Marzelvane” is a track resulting out of a jam session together
with Riley Reinhold that is more steady and roaring.
A. Turboencabulator
B. Retroencabulator

MP3 Album

Alex Under - Muscle Music

Welcome back Mister Alex Under! After a long break the top Spanish producer returns with a super
cool 3 track ep on Trapez.
It’s all about the old muscle cars here... pure energy, bold but authentic and true to the core, music he
has been famous for and music that sticks to him like bees to honey.
The a. side “Chevelle” is the king of the streets for many, elegant but also overdimensional for all
that, like European sportcars... the dream for each American highschool kid but also the dream for
people that want good value. As Thomas Brinkmann said in his own words” The Chevelle is a damm
good car for little money!”.
When talking about the “Camero” Alex probably thinks about the Z/28 Chevrolet vintage muscle
car. A bit of a copy of the legendary Ford Mustang but not quite as iconic, we grant, but it is still cool
enough though. Robust and built with steering that was slow and heavy, it’s optimistically rated 140
horsepower made it a steady going car. The track is made in a way that shows no stunts... no big
dynamics... but going solid.
The GTO is a hell of a car and we guess that Alex is thinking in favour of the Pontiac GTO, the stock
car with the 348 bhp engine than was never able to beat the Ferrari GTO, but had the in your face
coolness which this track of Alex has as well.
Enjoy a bit of action with our lost child Alex Under when he beats the “minimal slushboxes” in the

MP3 Album

Tom Dazing - Black Magic

Tom Dazing is an upcoming artist from Brussels who has released on MB Selektions, Heimatmelodie,
Coincidence, Veryverywrongindeed and ToysForBoys already and with his new EP „Black Magic“
releases his debut on Trapez.
Tom has a powerful production technique and a cool old school appeal which he fuses with modern
sound design. His new release features “Divulge” and “Cable strap” two peak time techno trax with
a heavy 303 bassline that will rock all big floors.
“Divulge” the a-side is destined to be a Berghain hit. The track is a monster. It’s attitude is down to
earth... keeps it simple but effective.
“Cable Strap” on the flipside is a new modern version of music that we believe used to be the post
Chicago sound manifested by Robert Armani and friends. “Cable Strap” is a super cool heavy
rocker with a siren sound that will turn clubs upside down, joined by delicate use of 303 basslines.
“Temper” the digital bonus track has more of an atmospheric deep feeling to it!
Tom has been voted in Belgium in the top 10 chart of the best national producers in 2007 and 2008
and was voted into the to chart top 10 national live acts. He has performed in the Fuse club and will
play in U6031club in January. Tom can be booked through Traum Booking.

MP3 Album

Raw Hedroom - Onorin

Raw Hedroom is Gareth William, an English producer who has already recorded on Leftroom and
now it’s time for his Trapez debut with this two tracker on vinyl!
“Onorin” is a modern post Chicago-Detroit piece of techno , which works with that kind of
understatement that we always loved with techno from either Detroit or Chicago.
A sequence, manipulated /modulated and with a feel for organic funkiness shows itself in the
shape of a worm that sometimes breaks through to the surface. In addition to that there is a bit of
a psychedelic connotation with vocals repeatedly stating/saying: “On the bed... under the bed”. A
sexy and sensual track with a good portion of high tec behind it, since Gareth works with the Lemur
polyphonic touch screen that also Daft Punk use when playing live.
On the flipside the track “Only boring people get bored” is one that uses the classic formula or
technique to create funk, by grouping small, strange und funny cut up or sequenced sounds next to
the kick drum. Midget sounds make it funky. and a deranged down pitched vocal talks along and
gives the track a modern and cool Chicago feel!
The first digital bonus track “Scalep” follows in the footsteps of “Only boring people get bored” and
has traces of funkiness featured throughout the track.
The second digital bonus track is a remix of “Onorin” by Arjuna Schiks from Amsterdam who
started composing and producing when he was 15. He was the winner of the vinylized dance
competition for most talented producer award of 2008. His first vinyl Ep was released on All Is One
Records and was supported by Dave Clarke, Michel de Hey, Laidback Luke, Isis and more. His
“Onorin” remix is a cool combination of understatement combined rhythmically with a nice stop
and go motion.
The third digital bonus track comes with a Emerson Todd remix of “Onorin”. Emerson’s remix
"Rumpelstilskin" was picked up by many DJs and his releases on Dirty Bird triggered tidal waves.
His massive remix of "Onorin" will set a mark also on Trapez.

MP3 Album

Tim Green - Mr Dry Remixes

Yes the original of Tim Green

MP3 Album

Jeff Samuel - Cloe`s Brain

Jeff Samuel is back on Trapez! After a break and several releases on other labels such as Frankie, his a-side track “Chloe 's Brain“ is again a cool nightmare of small ghosts coming alive.
Jeff´s talent for fitting small things together to create one sound is a skill he is an absolute
master in. There are times when all these elements seems to have a life of their own but Jeff
always manages to bring them together with tightness and accuracy.

MP3 Album

Gow - Jiffy Hornswoggle

With "Jiffy Hornswoggle " the British producer Gow aka Chris Gowland has put forward a stunning debut release. Three brilliantly tracks, that are cool and at the same time over the
top and full of joy.
Chris is a true believer and you can see him in Middlesbroughs "Riffraff" club kicking out the jams. He also plays regularly at Leeds´s top night "Back to Basics", the "The Ministry of
Sound" in London as well as the "Sankeys Soap" in Manchester and at Newcastle's

MP3 Album

Tim Green - Mr Dry

Tim Green werden einige kennen von seinen Platten auf dem US Label Dirty Bird. Tim ist
ein enormes Talent und schafft es hier mit seinem A-Seiten Stück "Mr Dry" die Gefühle
hochzukochen. "Mr Dry" ist eines dieser Stücke das kindliche Züge in uns in Erinnerung
ruft und uns Gefallen daran finden lässt, mal richtig aus der Haut zu gehen und die Arme
hochzuwerfen. Das hört und fühlt man gerne... Depression raus aus dem Alltag und rein in
die Techno Welt. Spätestens wenn die runtergepitchte Stimme von Tim Green kommt, geht
eh nichts mehr. Wie der Man das mit einfachsten Mittel bewirkt, dass ist wahre Kunst.
Man merkt auch bei diesem Track, Tim hat noch viel Tricks auf Lager für die Zukunft.
Das Rückseiten Stück "Glow Worm" ist so etwas wie der kleine Bruder der A-Seite. Hier
wird der Ball flachgehalten, die Stimmung ist eher "dark" und die Stimme haucht etwas ins
Mikrophon. Das geschieht alles mit einer gewissen unterkühlten Art die auch sexy ist.
Schritt für Schritt zieht die Dramatik an und das Stück und wird immer funkiger.

MP3 Album

Patrice Bäumel - Flow (Trapez 089)

an Fans gemacht, obwohl er völlig unabhängig von Trends wie ´Minimal´ arbeitet. Derzeit
ist er Resident im angesagt Club 11 in Amsterdam. In letzter Zeit hat Patrice intensiv im
Studio gearbeitet und hat für Trapez zwei weitere Platten produziert. Die erste erscheint mit

MP3 Album

3 Channels - It is getting kind of hectic remixes

Das Original wurde von vielen Djs gespielt und kommt hier in 4 remixen. Dubticket sind ein Duo aus Koeln, wo es noch keine Informationen gibt, wobei Mihalis Safras bekannt ist durch seine maxies auf Trapez ltd.
Wir heissen auch Shane Berry, Südafrikaner in Tokyo lebend, zurück, der für Trapez ltd so geniale Platten aufgenommen hat.
Zuletzt hat auch der Kölner DJ, Journalist, Aktivist, Riley Reinhold einen Mix beigesteuert.

MP3 Album

Florain Meind - Blast

MP3 Album

ohne Abbildung

Donk Boys - Jambalaya

MP3 Album

SLG - Lost In Shibuya

MP3 Album

Alex Tsiridis - Rubber Suit

MP3 Album

Alex Under - Trapezones Erectos

MP3 Album

Massi DL - Wonderland

MP3 Album

SLG - Earthworm

MP3 Album

ohne Abbildung

3 Channels - It is getting kind of hecktic

MP3 Album

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