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Blind Minded - Mr. Propre

Blind Minded lives in London and is famous for his live appearances and has his third release with Trapez ltd with „Mr Propre”.
His first two release on Trapez ltd was supported heavily and where charted by the Italoboyz so we are looking forward to his follow up.
“Mr. Propre” is the return of what used to be of the Detroit sound blended with modern spontaneous changes in mood and crossovers which will put a smile on your face.

Mr. Propre” is the most technoid of all three tracks, whereas “Jazz 2 Me” is a bassline monster, with vocal-quotes about jazz music stating it as “a state of life“, “something that you live!“. Altogether a sexy cool groover!
“The Melting Freak“ is the most deep of all three tracks. Here you can hear Blind Minded playing his analogue instruments (also a real 808 drum machine) being funky and cool rather than going for cheap thrills.

We are glad to have Kanio with us again for a remix. Kanio smashed his way onto the underground dance music scene in late 2007 with a string of chart topping productions. Kanio’s productions are regularly featured in the charts on Beatport. In little more than a year he achieved a massive 5 top tens and a further 7 top 20's, cementing his position on the worldwide scene, and becoming nominated for best minimal artist at the Beatport music awards 2009.
Kanio has been really successful by blending house with techno and so Blindminded´s song "Jazz 2 Me " must have been the perfect target for him. His remix for Giorgio pimps up classic house elements and transform the original into a storming dance tune.

Hailing from Birmingham, in the heart of the UK, Subb-an has been making a hell of a name for himself over the last two years. He has been recording for labels such as as Bpitch Control, Hypercolour and Mothership, whilst launching his own One Records imprint with Below founder Adam Shelton.
Subb-an´s remix for Blindminded shows great skill for after hour moments so his remix will be the perfect matrix to people to go crazy.

Released 2010-03-22
MP3 Album 7.00 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 Mr. Propre Blind Minded 0:06:52 15.71 MB CBR320 1.25
2 Jazz 2 Me Blind Minded 0:07:16 16.63 MB CBR320 1.25
3 The Melting Freak Blind Minded 0:06:33 15.01 MB CBR320 1.25
4 Jazz 2 Me (Kanio remix) Blind Minded 0:07:25 16.99 MB CBR320 1.25
5 Jazz 2 Me (Subb-n remix) Blind Minded 0:08:19 19.05 MB CBR320 1.25
6 The Melting Freak (extented version) Blind Minded 0:11:15 25.74 MB CBR320 1.25

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