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Mathias Schaffhäuser vs. Various Artists - Re:3 / Selected Remixes Vol. 3

Strange encounters happen all the time. Some call it Yin & Yang, others CoincidAnce or Manitou & co. “Re:3” was made almost entirely during the most extreme techno economy crisis to date, when Mathias Schaffhäuser received one remix request after another. Still “it’s a strange and beautiful world”, but who cares. The motto should be: “Make the best of it” – which can only mean Schaffhäuser’s third remix compilation. Except for two, all tracks were produced after August 2009. This makes “Re:3” a fresh and coherent album, not much different from an artist album.

There are two tracks that we are particularly thrilled about: Unlike the sad fade-out version on the Faust album from 2002, the remix for “T-Électronique” here is featured in full length. “You Laugh At My Face”, originally by Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras (a.k.a. Catholic), is a track exclusively released on “Re:3”. Stefan Goldmann’s Macro Recordings found the original version on an unreleased album from the 1970s when both these artists collaborated. Later Jorge Socarras played in the band Indoor Life, who Schaffhäuser was a huge fan of during the early 1980s. When he heard the Cowley/Socarras track, the old flame rekindled. After a few phone calls to Macro, the licencing and release of an exclusive mix was a done deal.

Also, the remixes for Leigh Morgan and Aldrin & Akien were so far only available as internet downloads – the first is now being released on CD and vinyl, the latter on vinyl only, as is the 16-minute original remix version of M2 (alias Markus Güntner and Markus Kavka).
Released 2010-03-12
MP3 Album 12.00 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 Pluracell / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix Henneberg & Stiller 0:08:09 18.64 MB CBR320 1.20
2 Move Me / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix Philogresz 0:07:38 17.49 MB CBR320 1.20
3 Play Misty For Me / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix Leigh Morgan 0:09:53 22.64 MB CBR320 1.20
4 T-Électronique / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix Faust 0:08:30 19.45 MB CBR320 1.20
5 The Awakening / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix Gunne feat. Delhia de France 0:09:32 21.81 MB CBR320 1.20
6 No Reduction / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix [A]pendics.Shuffle 0:08:15 18.89 MB CBR320 1.20
7 Deine Therapie / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix Breger 0:10:04 23.04 MB CBR320 1.20
8 Poly Melancholy / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix Aldrin & Akien 0:09:25 21.57 MB CBR320 1.20
9 M2.02.01 / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix (short version) M2 0:08:02 18.39 MB CBR320 1.20
10 Yoji / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix Nooncat 0:10:24 23.82 MB CBR320 1.20
11 You Laugh At My Face / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix (exclusive track) Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras 0:07:25 16.98 MB CBR320 1.20
12 M2.02.01 / Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix (full version) M2 0:16:56 38.75 MB CBR320 2.10

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