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Szymon Hollner - Last Night In Barcelona EP

Szymon Hollner is a talented young producer from Poland. In 2010 he released two EPs on Relax 2000, a sublabel of the highly reputated Snork Enterprises. Szymon has a really unique style and refuses to take part of the ruling fashions. A lot of guys pretend doing it, he DOES! This is no mainstream, no consensus, this is FUNKY underground shit.

Besides this fabulous debut we have another new name on WARE in this team: DEEPCHILD delivers a driving kind of breakbeat mix which also gives a shit about borders and genres.

And last but not least labelboss Mathias Schaffhäuser cuts the titletrack into pieces and puzzels a driving club edit for the minimal prime time.
Released 2011-05-02
Labelcode 10695
MP3 Album 5.00 €
  incl. 19% VAT.
1 last night in barcelona Szymon Hollner 0:06:26 14.73 MB CBR320 1.20
2 last night in barcelona (deepchild’s one dub in barcelona remix) Szymon Hollner 0:05:30 12.60 MB CBR320 1.20
3 last night in barcelona (mathias schaffhäuser’s WARE edit) Szymon Hollner 0:06:23 14.62 MB CBR320 1.20
4 mięsna barówa Szymon Hollner 0:07:33 17.28 MB CBR320 1.20
5 pierr trutt Szymon Hollner 0:06:52 15.71 MB CBR320 1.20

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