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Various Artists - Warenkorb # 6

After an 8-year break, WARE Records continues its label compilation series with the new WARENKORB # 6. The stylistic variety is as great as ever, addional to typical and uncategorisible WARE-four-to-the-floor Pawas delivers a cinemascopical future-garage-track under his alias Dunck, and Mathias Schaffhäuser continues his excursion in Minimal-Dub-Step in his remix of „This Is For My Dutch Crowd”.

For all fans of sound carriers there will be a CD, which is not just mixed, but also autographed and produced in-house, making each and every CD a unique item – plus a free download link for the unmixed tracks!

Less fetish-oriented can of course buy the tracks as full-length downloads at respective music online stores.

Contributing artists this time are: Mr. Statik (Bpitch Control), Markus Güntner, [A]pendics.Shuffle (Adjunct, Mo’s Ferry Prod., etc.), Ziggy Kinder, Mathias Schaffhäuser and label debutants, Argentinians Paulice & Onkel Brutalo (who have also released tracks on Adjunct Records), Chra from Vienna (who runs the formidable label Comfort Zone) and Dunck (the future garage alias of Pawas Gupta).


Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News): “Fantastic package - there's plenty on here to get your teeth into - thanks guys this is tasty.”

Klaus Fiehe (1 LIVE Radio + Byte.FM Radio): “to cut this brillant long story short - will play a good bunch of tunes, definitely.”

Sven Schäfer (FAZE): “great deepness!”

Animaltek (WIR, Treibstoff, New York): “nice compilation!”

Mijk van Dijk (Dubmission, Berlin): “’Nice To Meet You’ is an amazing discovery. I imagine this to be a killer tool played at the right moment on the party. Exceptionally out of the ordinary. Can't wait to try it.”

Electric Indigo (Vienna): “haha! lovely work by chra!!! ‘love her nice to meet you’ remix :-) ‘stellplatz der zukunft’ sounds really interesting, also like ‘don't worry about them’ and markus güntner's track.”

Axel Bartsch: “dope compilation, hard to find a favorite track but ‘ace bum’ is sticking out,
also like the funky apendics shuffle track and markus günter´s contribution.”

Noon(at (Treibstoff, Deepmix, Moscow): “nice compilation.”

DJ Marcelle (Another Nice Mess, Netherlands): “excellent. Very good.”

Orde Meikle (Slam/Glasgow): “another cool collection of trax.”

Music CD

Ziggy Kinder - Barboom

The Deepness enterprise continues: Cologne artist ZIGGY KINDER is renowned for his distinct and crystal clear minimal funk, but already in 2007 he created his own personal parallel house universe with “Que Pasa Maria” on Souvenir Records. Since then he has systematically worked his way into the soul of his machines and cut back on speed and actions. First highlight of this development was his slowmo slapbass slammer “Assbomb”, though his second new album “Barboom” takes deepness and moodiness considerably further. Instead of satisfying mainstream tastes trying to attract attention with common sounds and samples, Kinder returns to a wholesome “less is more” without being pigeonholed as purely minimal. He confidently leans back for he has found his perfect spot: “Barboom” is cool house, club, party, outside-the-box while being a comfy-groovy home in the swirl of triviality.

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Mathias Schaffhäuser vs. Various Artists - Re:3 / Selected Remixes Vol. 3

Seltsame Zusammentreffen passieren ja ständig, die einen reden von Yin & Yang, andere von CoincidAnce, und andere von Manitou & co. „Re:3“ entstand fast komplett mitten in der krassesten Techno-Wirtschaftskrise bis dato, in der es für Mathias Schaffhäuser plötzlich einen Remix-Auftrag nach dem anderen hagelte. „It’s a strange and beautiful world“, immer noch, aber egal, die Devise lautet: ‚Das beste daraus machen’, was in diesem Fall nur die dritte Remix-Compilation Schaffhäusers sein konnte. Bis auf zwei Tracks wurden alle seit August 2009 produziert, was aus „Re:3“ ein frisches, in sich geschlossenes Album macht und es praktisch auf eine Stufe mit einem Künstleralbum stellt.

Besonders happy sind wir über zwei Tracks: Der Remix zu Fausts „T-Électronique“ erscheint hier zum ersten Mal in voller Länge und nicht in der unglücklich ausgeblendeten Version vom 2002er Faust-Album. Und mit „ You Laugh At My Face”, im Original von Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras (a.k.a. Catholic), kommt ein Track exklusiv nur auf “Re:3” heraus. Das Original befindet sich auf dem von Stefan Goldmanns Macro Recordings ausgegrabenen Album der beiden Künstler, die in den Siebzigern zusammenarbeiteten, das Album aber nie veröffentlichen konnten. Jorge Socarras spielte später in der Band Indoor Life, von der Schaffhäuser wiederum Anfang der 80er glühender Verehrer war. Als er nun die Cowley/Socarras-Coop hörte, entflammte die alte Liebe sofort wieder, und nach wenigen Kontakten mit Macro war die Lizensierung und Freigabe für einen Exklusiv-Mix perfekt!

Zudem gab es die Remixe für Leigh Morgan und Aldrin & Akien bisher nur als Downloads - ersterer erscheint nun auf CD und Vinyl, letzterer exklusiv nur auf Platte, genauso wie die 16-minütige Originalversion des Remixes für M2 (alias Markus Güntner und Markus Kavka).

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Ziggy Kinder - Meteoroid EP

What sounds like a “déjà vu” – Ziggy Kinder out on WARE including a remix by Mathias Schaffhäuser – is actually a first: the label boss has never produced a remix for one of Mr. Kinder’s tracks.
“Meteoroid” is an upbeat, spacey track perpetuating Ziggy’s latest tendency towards deepness, while giving a taste of his second album to be released in early 2012.
Schaffhäuser‘s remix tracks the meteor trail to the orient with an oriental sounding drum groove (which is not from a sample kit but was all drummed – no, sorry – programmed himself) combined with a fat and funky bass and an elegiac eternal breakdown.

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Szymon Hollner - Last Night In Barcelona EP

Szymon Hollner is a talented young producer from Poland. In 2010 he released two EPs on Relax 2000, a sublabel of the highly reputated Snork Enterprises. Szymon has a really unique style and refuses to take part of the ruling fashions. A lot of guys pretend doing it, he DOES! This is no mainstream, no consensus, this is FUNKY underground shit.

Besides this fabulous debut we have another new name on WARE in this team: DEEPCHILD delivers a driving kind of breakbeat mix which also gives a shit about borders and genres.

And last but not least labelboss Mathias Schaffhäuser cuts the titletrack into pieces and puzzels a driving club edit for the minimal prime time.

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Mathias Schaffhäuser - In Concert EP 2

After Mathias’ first live album “In Concert”, which can be downloaded for free from a specially designed homepage since 14 January, Ware now offers two EP releases with alternative versions and, what’s more, several remixes.

The second EP features a different live version of “Nice To Meet You”, which already appeared as an instrumental track in 1997 and later became a fans’ favourite as the vocal version on the album “Lido Hotel”. Live, the track turns into a true declaration of love to all loyal Ware-ists and the perfect opener for Schaffhäuser’s show.

From the same early period of our beloved music stems the connection between Mathias and Christian Rindermann aka C-Rock (and one half of Motocitysoul). Ironically, it wasn’t until 2011 that Christian left his mark on WARE. And what a big one! Two very different remixes with everything there is to love about this man from Frankfurt!

Markus Güntner, who took part in the design and programming of the “In Concert” website, delivers a melancholic and yet incredibly driven and deep interpretation. As a new member to our Ware family, we would also like to welcome Vinilette (Dame Records, Berlin/Barcelona), whose 80s-induced remix comes completely unexpected.

MP3 Album

Mathias Schaffhäuser - In Concert EP 1

While Mathias‘ first live album “In Concert” is offered as a free download on a lovingly and specially designed website, Ware will also release two EPs with alternative versions and, what’s more, plenty of remixes.

EP 1 includes an alternative live version of “Lost In The Pile / Well (Baby Please Don’t Go)”, a one-track medley that Schaffhäuser released with Alex Smoke in 2009 and the old blues piece “Well (Baby Please Don’t Go)”. In addition to this “Live @ the Gardenshed Studio version“ there are remixes by the Cologne-Berlin techno super gang BRANDT BRAUER FRICK (Tartelet Records, The Gym) who just released their debut album “You Make Me Real” on !K7, by PAULICE (Argentina / Mischievous Musique, Adjunct Rec.) and by PEDRAMOVICH (UK / Supernature Rec., Mixed In Sheffield Rec.). In March, look forward to “In Concert EP 2” with a new version of “Nice To Meet You” and also several remixes by MARKUS GÜNTNER, DJ VINYLETTE, and others.

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Mathias Schaffhäuser vs. various Artists - RE:3 / Digital Selection 1

Paco Osuna (Plus 8): “mathias rmx is bomb”

Craig Richards (Fabric): “remix for nooncat is great”

Scuba (Hotflush / SCB): “Liking both of these. ”

Bryan Zentz ( Plus 8 ): “love this... both trax are great. yoji has a nice interplay between inviting you inside... but then having a slightly off-kilter unnerving feeling once your in!”
Maetrik / Maceo Plex (Mothership, Dumb Unit, Crosstown Rebels, Treibstoff): “lovin Mathias' crazy vocal tracks.!”
Dave Tarrida: “both tracks are nice.”

Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur): “i like this, will play all tracks!”

Klubbers.com (spain): “Schaffhäuser is always incredible, love all his tracks.
Fantastic and creative The Awakenings... Nooncat tacks its really fantastic too...”

Ibiza Global Radio: “Amazing!!! Really cool, sure play on Ibiza Global Radio.”
Nino (Altroverso): “big release! airplay in altroverso.”
Jonas Kopp (Curle): “Awakening , very cool track !”
Brendon Moeller (Third Ear / Echocord): “remix for nooncat is HOT!”
Martin Gretschmann (a.k.a. Console + Acid Pauli): “nice one again, Mathias!”
Laurent Garnier: “2 great tracks ...full support from me.”
Martin Eyerer: “awakening is really cool! Plays granted.”
Kabale & Liebe (100% Pure / Remote Area): “the awakening is great! also quite diggin the nooncat, i think.”
Pig & Dan (Cocoon Recordings): “Killer vibe”

Dario Zenker (Harry Klein): “nice one!”
Florian Meindl: “the schaffhäuser rmxes are cool.”

Slam (Soma Records): “good producer - liking this.”
Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil): “Great!!”

[a]pendics.shuffle: “the awakening Mathias Schaffhauser mix is gold! love it!”
Falko Brocksieper (The Result/Sub Static): “Both tracks sound very promising!!”
Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four): “The Schaffhaeuser remix is DOPE!”
Nicolas Masseyeff (Herzblut): “the awakening remix - i love it!!! monster remix. will play it loud !!!”
Alex Kid: “Not the stuff I play , but reaaaaally cool !!!”
Stefny Winter (Archipel) (Stefny Winter): “Loving this release!”
Harry Avers (Noice Podcast Series): “well done Mathias...... star release... all his approaches to his synth work is so organic and creative .... in an era where everything sounds so predictable .. Mathias leads the way in creating new pathways into electronic music”

Tommy Four Seven (Electric Deluxe): “smooth crafts”

MP3 Album

Schaffhäuser & Xhin - The Revenge Of The Imperial Sauce

Almost exactly one year ago, this transcontinental cooperation released their first EP on Persistencebit Records. Both tracks on the Ice Monster EP emerged from a cooperation with the Goethe Institute. Back then, Mathias Schaffhäuser travelled through Singapore and produced several tracks with Xhin. Working together went well and the tracks were super well received, so their cooperation continued in cyberspace. The duo’s “The Revenge” is the most rave so far, though at the same time a speech sample picks up the theme “genetic imprinting versus socialization”, which against all expectations grooves just fine and works extremely well. Masuki and Falko Brocksieper came up with distinct remixes and gave them a good portion of peaktime potential. “Imperial Sauce” is a more playful house track from the “Ice Monster” sessions, which the Treplec remix renders into a beautiful, atmospheric jazz hybrid.

Falko Brocksieper has been running the label Sub Static Records for years. He also releases tracks for Treibstoff, Tuning Spork, Resopal, and others. Masuki, owner of Frappant Records, last released the great EP “Dry Rain” on MindTrip Music. Treplec, the man behind Milnormodern, produced the wild remix for the Brandt Brauer Frick smash hit “Iron Man” on Tartelet Records.

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Ziggy Kinder - Assbomb / Longcat

He’s just dishing them out: Barely six months after his formidable EP “Ribbon Twist” (Ware 79) Ziggy Kinder treats us to another killer, the double a-side “Assbomb/Longcat”. As both pieces are so strong and distinct, we ummed and ahhed about how to call the EP and how to place the two tracks, until we ended up with this variation: Ware’s very first double A-side!

“Assbomb” is an insane funk trip to the deep realms of Ziggy’s humour, a track with maximum party factor and plenty of potential for eternity. “Longcat” docks on to the housy tracks of the “Ribbon Twist” B-side, with the clever addition of well-dosed hymn genes.

MP3 Album

Lucy - Grainy Lines EP

A new man has joined the Ware team, someone well-known in the world of the big bassdrum: Originally from Palermo Lucy aka Luca Mortellaro spent several years in Paris. While his real-life label is Meerestief in Stuttgart, his musical home of the heart was Border Community in London. Surprisingly, he now lives in Berlin working on his personal post minimal sound. “Grainy Lines” is a display of Lucy’s craving for rave and rocking the floors, while “Go And See My Love” stands for his playfulness and disregard of strict dancefloor rules. Mr. René Breitbarth has submerged deep into the deep house sea to deliver two mesmerizing remixes of “Grainy Lines” – one jazzy and rolling, one cosmic and bewitching.

James Holden about “Go And See My Love”: "This one's cool! Really nice melodies, really nicely held back.”

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ZIggy Kinder - Ribbon Twist EP

Ware proudly presents new tracks by ZIGGY KINDER! Much has happened since his “Tongue Attack” release in autumn 2007 (Ware 72). With “Que Pasa Maria” and “Flipflop Crash” Ziggy landed two semi-serious hits on Souvenir Records, followed by his early-spring collaboration with Mr. Ware himself. “Syntagma”, on Schaffhäuser’s Coop album “Unequal Equality”, is not only a smooth and charming groover, but also a heartbreaking video still rotating on Youtube, Myspace and the like. The main title track on this current “Ribbon Twist EP” is one of Kinder’s best tracks ever – there just couldn’t be any more funk in minimal or attention to detail with maximum functionality at the same time. On “Hello, Android”, track one on side two, he argues that house music is from out of space. Or was… will be… what?! Feel free to place a bet. “Boost Express”, track two on the B side, takes Kinder’s strengths, buildup and drama back to the postminimal here and now. Equally exhilarating for aliens, day and night timers.

MP3 Album

Schaffhäuser & Friends - Unequal Equality 3 / The Bonus Edition

The Schaffhäuser & Friends series was so much fun to make and so well received, it now enters round three with an additional bonus vinyl. All tracks on this EP have never been released, not even on the CD edition of “Unequal Equality“.

“It’s Only Flesh (What We Call Brain)” by Schaffhäuser; Pawas & Beume take a unique journey through dance history mixing crisp dubhouse and Kraut vocals. With his “Ibiza Panda Remix” Glitterbug continues right where his “Supershelter” album ended – perfectly in the middle between understatement, euphoria and desire. The vocal mix by Schaffhäuser & Midinovela’s “Quiero” takes up all of side two. Not only different from the instrumental album version with EDU’s (Buenos Aires) super smooth vocals, it also features revised and optimised arrangements and sounds.

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Philogresz - Milestome EP

Ilker Soylu aka Philogresz is the great aesteticist of the post-minimal world. His sound is both playful and intoxicating; his incredibly melodious tenderness corresponds with compulsory beats. His stunning “T’jazz” on 3rd Wave Music stood out like a monolith from the release craze of the past few months. With his new track “Vie”, our man now ascends ever higher grounds.

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Mathias Schaffhäuser & Friends - Unequal_Equality

They are all unequally equal and equally unequal - we all know that. It can truly drive you up the wall and lead to the odd revelation, but you can't do anything about it. Or can you? Well, yes you can for this is an obvious case of creative conversion. The album "Unequal Equality" features collaborations between Mathias Schaffhäuser and various artists, all of which came about in 2008, including Ware acts like Benjamin Brunn, And.id, Markus Güntner and Ziggy Kinder, Schaffhäuser’s long time hero Alex Smoke, but also new ones such as Lucy and Xhin from Singapore (both with releases on Meerestief Rec.) and the extremely talented Argentinian IDM musician Fabrice. The work was mostly done online, but also face to face (whenever possible). "2 Ton/3 Ton" is a special track: Based on a piece by Ursula Bogner, an innovative german electronic pioneer discovered by Jan Jelinek posthumously. Despite the many featured artists, "Unequal Equality" is Schaffhäuser's most homogenous album to date, a quintessence of his work in the cosmos of minimal techno house since 1994 and the multiple and versatile input of all partners involved.

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Markus Güntner - Such A Shame Remixes

MP3 Album

Decomposed Subsonic - Live In Bogota

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no illustration

Markus Güntner - o.T.

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Benjamin Brunn - Laminar

The majority of Benjamin Brunn’s music is based on the sound of the Nord Modular, a virtual-modular synthesizer that has accompanied him since 1999. It’s fascinating to compare his current works, f.e. his album “Songs From The Beehive”, produced with legendary Move D with his “Laminar” EP from 2000. This man was really ahead and always beyond the mainstream. An unique artist without allures and compromises.

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various artists - vinyl ware vol. 1

"Two thirds of our anniversary year are over - an excellent reason for another "10 years of Ware" celebration package. This time with some older gems from the vinyl box, which haven't yet been (legally) available in digital form. All tracks have been carefully remastered, "Kurz & gut“ by Mathias Schaffhäuser has also been slightly edited and extended by a groovy shaker figure. Those celebrating the return of a different kind of house music will be surprised by the similarity of the "School of 2000" to this former sound trend."

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Ziggy Kinder - 10 Jahre Ware

MP3 Album

Mathias Schaffhäuser - Gott ist tot ([A]lpendics.Shuffle Remix)

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